[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Raphael C.I Releases Faster and More Accurate Domestic Raw Material Price Predicting System


Raphael C.I participated in CommunicAsia 2017 Daegu Joint Pavilion held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for three days from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th, and released raw material price predicting system.

(Photo : Lee, Woo-Jun, CEO of Raphael C.I attending CommunicAsia 2017 Daegu Joint Pabilion)

Raw material price predicting system provides essential business data management for business management efficiency of metal resource circulation distributor, and deep-learning-based decision support materials that are different from the existing ERP system. In addition it has adopted techniques such as big data processing and machine learning within the system with the prediction algorithm based on industrial engineering. Thus, it automatically tracks and predicts the price with high accuracy when prices fluctuate.

The following is the interview with CEO, Lee, Woo-Jun who participated in CommunicAsia 2017 exhibition.

What motivated you to participate again in CommunicAsia 2017 after last year’s attendance?

– CEO, Lee, Woo-Jun : Singapore is considered to be the most attractive place in the raw material predicting system market because it possesses more than 35% of the raw material import rate.

Singapore companies that we me last year in CommunicAsia showed a lot of interest in our solution. This year, we also participated in this exhibition to find new overseas buyers as well as to meet again the companies we encountered last year.

What are your performances after participating in the overseas exhibition?

– CEO, Lee, Woo-Jun : We have provided solutions to Chinese companies that were introduced by Hong Kong distributors and we are in discussions with Singapore companies, whom we met in CommunicAsia 2016. In addition, we are also preparing to participate in the Singapore start-up program.

In the case of overseas markets, having meetings with foreign companies do not necessarily lead to results. Since the two companies may have different needs, they must provide solutions that match each company through sufficient discussions.

What are the advantages of Raphael C.I compared to other competitors?

– CEO, Lee, Woo-Jun : Raw material price predicting system is not easy for general private companies to make. In the case of the current competition model, more than 30 million won should be paid annually, and this is a price that cannot be afforded for small and medium sized companies.

Raphael C.I’s solution provides faster and more accurate raw material price predicting system at a much lower cost, and has a very high efficiency.

Meanwhile, in this CommunicAsia 2017, 7 promising IT companies, Neuron Works, Network Korea, Insol M&T, IDS, Raphael C.I, WooKyoung Information Technology, Korea E3 Test Institute Inc., participated Daegu Joint Pavilion operated by Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency, and disclosed their major products and it is expected that they will open new export channels.

CommunicAsia 2017, which is now being held as its 28th anniversary, is held jointly by EnterpriseIT 2017 which is an exhibition that provides innovative technologies and solutions related to companies in a rapidly changing consumer-driven business environment, and BraodcastAsia 2017 which is held for movie, TV and entertainment industries, and Satcomm2017 which provides satellite solution information.

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