[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] Insol M&T Targets the Global Market with ‘Augmented Reality’ Solution that Enables the Best Immersive Experience


Insol M&T participated in CommunicAsia 2017 Daegu Joint Pavilion held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for three days from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th, and introduced augmented reality solution that enables the best immersive experience by applying AR, VR and hologram technologies.

Hologram-based augmented reality and virtual reality solution development company, Insol M&T, provides experience-based educational products through content development and innovative technology development.

In 2013, Insol M&T released cloud augmented reality app for iPhone, ‘WakuWaku’, in Japan and received a favorable evaluation. In addition, it also launched ‘EarthZoo’, a coloring study smart phone app of augmented reality in 2016, after four years of research and development. When registered pictures are lighted through a smart phone, the augmented reality program recognizes it and displays various contents in a vivid manner.

Kim, In-Chul, CEO of Insol M&T said, “Insol M&T is a company with a strong need for overseas expansion, so it attends foreign exhibitions more than 6 times a year. Thanks to that, we have achieved great results in applying our solutions to the features of Japan’s Fuji TV. He also said, “We are also accelerating our exports to the US and East Asia”

He expressed his confidence toward the company saying, “Some augmented reality-related companies have launched their products by choosing either PC or smart phone apps, but since our company applied a total solution that can cover both of them, we have enough competitiveness in this market and our products can be applied in various ways and places through fast customizing.”

Currently, Insol M&T is being piloted in 8 kindergartens and will also be introduced in domestic home shopping soon.

Meanwhile, in this CommunicAsia 2017, 7 promising IT companies, Neuron Works, Network Korea, Insol M&T, IDS, Raphael C.I, WooKyoung Information Technology, Korea E3 Test Institute Inc., participated Daegu Joint Pavilion operated by Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency, and disclosed their major products and it is expected that they will open new export channels.

CommunicAsia 2017, which is now being held as its 28th anniversary, is held jointly by EnterpriseIT 2017 which is an exhibition that provides innovative technologies and solutions related to companies in a rapidly changing consumer-driven business environment, and BraodcastAsia 2017 which is held for movie, TV and entertainment industries, and Satcomm2017 which provides satellite solution information.

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