[CommunicAsia 2017 DIP] IDSCOREA Aims at Global Market with Domestic Native Solution Based On Geographic Information System


IDSCOREA participated in CommunicAsia 2017 Daegu Joint Pavilion held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for three days from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th, and disclosed the advanced information communication based on geographic information system.

(Photo : Lee, Ho-Dong, CEO of IDSCOREA, explaining about the company’s product)

IDSCOREA’s iGIS is a tool developed for editing geographic information, and it is a commercial program that allows 2D editing, 3D viewer and editing, and structured editing. It has the features of convenient and easy UI, high capacity (more than 100GB) Vector Data generation, and 100% Korean version. It also enables C/S development and business program development.

The following is the interview of Lee, Ho-Dong, CEO of IDSCOREA, who attended CommunicAsia.

What motivated you to participate in CommunicAsia 2017 exhibition?

– CEO, Lee, Ho-Dong : The solution based on a geographic information system is demanded not only in domestic but also in foreign market. Above all, the problems caused by the monopoly of foreign products can also occur not only in Korea but also in the global market. There is also a possibility for us to enter the market only if we have an advanced technology. Through this overseas exhibition, we plan to find our new customers. 

What motivated you to develop a solution based on geographic information system?

– CEO, Lee, Ho-Dong : I started to develop it to replace the foreign product ArcGIS which is mostly used in Korea.

What are the differentiating strategies of IDSCOREA’s solution compared to its competitors?

– CEO, Lee, Ho-Dong : As I mentioned earlier, we have user-friendly UI design, background map using Daum API (general map, aerial photographs, hybrid) and POI search function, additional SI (C/S, business function) development possibility based on basic product, automatic upgrade function when the program is executed, etc.

To make it easier, for example, our competitor sells products with all the features from A to Z. For this reason, however, the price of the product is expensive and the system runs slow.

On the other hand, in case of our products, we can sell only necessary parts of our products and it is possible to do various customization work as well as language work accordingly. In conclusion, since customers can buy only the part of solutions they want, it is possible to buy the products at a reasonable price with faster data construction.

What projects are currently in progress?

– CEO, Lee, Ho-Dong : In the public sector, the development of FGMS is in progress among the Integrated Management System Business of Forest Service Forest Disaster. In the private sector, we are participating in the business of City Gas Mobile GIS and City Gas Control System Development.

In the future, we also plan to develop Drone GPS information based on iGIS and a field management system using table PCs.

Meanwhile, in this CommunicAsia 2017, 7 promising IT companies, Neuron Works, Network Korea, Insol M&T, IDS, Raphael C.I, WooKyoung Information Technology, Korea E3 Test Institute Inc., participated Daegu Joint Pavilion operated by Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency, and disclosed their major products and it is expected that they will open new export channels.

CommunicAsia 2017, which is now being held as its 28th anniversary, is held jointly by EnterpriseIT 2017 which is an exhibition that provides innovative technologies and solutions related to companies in a rapidly changing consumer-driven business environment, and BraodcastAsia 2017 which is held for movie, TV and entertainment industries, and Satcomm2017 which provides satellite solution information.

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