[CommunicAsia 2013 Preview] CMT, Surpassing the Standard Blackboxes ‘C4K‘

CMT (www.cometmt.co.kr) will participate in CommunicAsia 2013 (the 24th International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference) held in Marina Bay, Singapore from 18th(Tue.) to 21st(Fri.) of June to present ‘C4K’.

‘C4K'(Professional Real Time Digital Video Recorder) offers 4 channels of video record instead of standard 2 channels.  The Bluetooth utilizing information communication and storage media including SD-type diversify accurate data collection and analyzing.  This product’s Audio input has the network that features a number of sensors equipped with the AVM (Around View Monitoring) and is also built with high performing access systems.

CommunicAsia 2013 is Asia’s largest integrated information communication technology event.  Providing a platform to connect the ICT industry, professionals from around the world participate at this annual event to obtain updates, showcase/launch products or services, gain insightful knowledge from experts and most importantly optimize business opportunities globally.