Coconut Silo unveiled their truck maintenance platform Truck Doctor and cargo transport brokerage platform Coco Truck at ‘Try Everything 2021’

Truck Doctor │Source – Coconut Silo

Coconut Silo (CEO Kim Seung-yong) participated in ‘Try Everything 2021’which was held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul from September 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri).

Coconut Silo is a Hyundai Motor Group’s spin off company operated by their in-house startup team in June 2020 as a one-stop brokerage cargo platform. The platform applies a real-time location tracking system to check transported cargo at anytime, anywhere; and analyzes the real-time loading status and remaining capacity of cargo using big data algorithms. It was selected as a PoC project by the Seoul Startup Hub, a start-up support organization in Seoul, and is showing rapid growth by leading its related market.

Through Truck Doctor, a truck maintenance platform for 3.6 million truck drivers nationwide, you can easily book maintenance anytime, anywhere, and get a diagnosis on the condition of the vehicle. In addition to all day maintenance, non-face-to-face reservations are also possible, which is at the core of the contact-free era. It automatically informs the replacement cycle of consumables, securing not only vehicles but also driver safety. Since only selected repair shops are registered through a comprehensive pre-verification process, reliability in maintenance and customer satisfaction increases.

Unlike passenger cars, truck drivers have to make phone calls or face-to-face reservations for maintenance in the current market. Accordingly, with the aim of automating the ‘booking process’ and increasing convenience, truck drivers can make reservations via image and voice message within the Truck Doctor app. On the repair shop side, it is possible to intuitively grasp the current status of the vehicle with the data received through the app, and to remotely schedule and manage maintenance schedules.

In addition, the current system for systematic night maintenance has been improved so that sudden maintenance can be conveniently done, and vehicle goods sellers can also use the platform to sell their own PB products tailored to customer needs.

Coco Truck │Source – Coconut Silo

“Coco Truck,” a cargo transport brokerage platform targeting Vietnam, uses its own AI-based smart trace algorithm to connect users who are nearby or have overlapping routes to share cargo trucks. The key function is to automatically dispatch trucks close to the conditions set by the user.

An official from Coconut Silo said, “After being selected as an Autobahn startup in 2020, we completed the development of a non-face-to-face truck maintenance platform. In addition, we have completed the establishment of corporations in the United States, China, Vietnam, and India, and will establish JVs with local corporations to operate cargo transportation brokerage businesses in Vietnam.”

Meanwhile, Seoul Startup Hub has been establishing a system for selecting and nurturing promisingstartups with global conglomerates such as Mercedes-Benz Korea, POSCO, Binggrae, OB Beer, and S-Oil to helpthese startups scale.Technological cooperation and business results between corporations and startups were announced at the startup festival ‘Try Everything.’ Coconut Silo also came tied for first place at the startup competition at ‘Try Everything 2021.’