[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special]Solar power specialized company Sungchang developed a NON-CPU tracking system solar power plant and ultra-small uninterruptible direct current power supply!

Ultra-small DC uninterruptible power supply │Image Source – Sungchang

Sungchang Co., Ltd. has been growing since its establishment in 1991 as a partner of KT by continuously developing communication services, network-based system construction, and SI and NI fields. They developed the world’s first NON-CPU tracking solar power plant and ultra-small DC uninterruptible power supply as a national R&D project from the Small and Medium Business Administration and Ministry of Science and ICT. As a solar power specialized company, they have been concentrating on new and renewable energy with the main focus of public corporations, power generation companies, private houses, farmland, and farms.

Main products include dual axis tracking/single axis tracking/fixed solar power system device, solar power environmental monitoring system, monitoring device for REMS of Korea Energy Agency (RTU, model name SCRTU-001), ultra-small DC uninterruptible power supply in case of short circuit and power shortage and integrated disaster safety measurement system.

RTU │Image Source – Sungchang

An official from Sungchang said, “The solar power generation business is an eco-friendly energy business that converts solar energy to produce electricity and sells it to generate profits, and has a stable profit structure in connection with the government’s renewable energy policy. Starting with the first solar power business in 2017, we were selected as a participating company by the Korea Energy Agency. We have been constructing solar power generation business, applied agricultural solar tracker, Jeonbuk TP solar tracker, solar tracker power plant in Gadeok-myeon, Cheongju, and first exported solar tracker to Germany in 2018 .

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by “intelligent high-tech parts industry”