Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] ENC Contributes to the Spread of Smart Factories with Barcode, QR Code, and RFID Integrated Management Technology

Unpowered Wi-Fi Repeater | Photo – ENC

Founded in 2015, ENC Co., Ltd. (CEO Woon-gyu Lee) is developing products using sensors and smartphone control technologies to grow into IoT companies. Dog feeding machines, smart fishing ports, and control boards are being developed and produced according to the characteristics of the product.

Due to the recent spread of fourth industrial revolution and smart factories, more and more places are managing warehousing with barcode, QR code, and RFID at production sites. Barcode and QR codes use camera technology, while RFID is a product that applies antenna technology and uses a reader separately.

With the development of the industry, the field wanted a product that could read barcode/QR codes and RFID tags at the same time, and ENC developed a reader that can read barcode, QR codes, and RFID at the same time to meet the needs of customers. In addition, in order to transmit more data at once, this product has developed a HUB that can be linked with a multi-scanner, increasing ease of use.

Multi-scanner│Photo – ENC

ENC’s Multi-scanner allows simultaneous management of ▲ barcode tags, QR code tags, and RFID tags, and ▲ real-time tag information check with monitor installation ▲ 8 hours of battery use with sleep mode ▲ Barcode, QR code, RFID (HD band) tags scannable simultaneously ▲ data transmission through wired/wireless communication.

Furthermore, the 8-channel wired/wireless communication HUB synthesizes 8-channel signals using a multiplexer and transmits data through wired and or wireless. Barcode, QR code, and RFID multi-scanner interworking is possible, and real-time monitoring web programs are provided.

An official from ENC said, “We will grow into a specialized company based on barcode, QR code, and RFID technologies that can be applied to smart factories and develop into a company that increases the efficiency of production sites by applying various sensor technologies.”

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by “intelligent high-tech parts industry”