[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] SOONSOO BARAM “Protect your family’s health with a hair dryer equipped with harmful substance prevention technology!”


Founded in 2017, SOONSOO BARAM Co., Ltd. (CEO Min-Soo Kim) is a company specializing in manufacturing smart clean air household appliances. It has developed its own ceramic heater, flow path line, and aerosol wet filter that do not generate harmful substances and holds related patents and has a hair dryer called “PURISM PRO” as its main product.

Min-Soo Kim, CEO of SOONSOO BARAM said, “When raising three siblings and drying children’s hair, there were many hardships, such as running away because they hated the hot wind or taking a long time because their hair was long.” Therefore, we decided to research and develop dryers ourselves, he said.

In addition, CEO Kim said, “During research and development, a large number of electromagnetic waves and fine dust were generated in general hair dryers, and electromagnetic waves adversely affect the human body at a level similar to microwave ovens. “I started a company to make a hair dryer that my child can use safely,” he explained.

The core technology of SOONSOO BARAM is a system that controls wind and temperature. Self-developed ceramic heaters and centrifugal flow lines generate safe and healthy (electromagnetic waves, fine dust, radon prevention) heat and wind.


SOONSOO BARAM is set to expand its business field in November through the launch of a wet type all-in-one air purifier using water.

CEO Min-Soo Kim also said, “Wet type air purifiers have the advantage of being eco-friendly and not incurring waste costs because they use water. In addition, IOT technology can control air cleaning conditions such as indoor air, humidity/temperature, and fine dust.”