[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] ‘Small Giant’ YM Tech Targets the Electric Vehicle Market with Outstanding Technology

Photo – YM Tech

YM Tech Co., Ltd. (CEO Hong-ki Kim) is a relay manufacturer established in 1998. Its main products are EV Relay, DC Relay, latch Relay, and Military Relay, which are directly developed, produced, and sold.

YM Tech, a strong company that is going strong in the “relay” field in its 23rd year of business, is the first company in Korea to succeed in developing EV Relay with DC 400V and 150A in 2004, and acquired CCC certification, China’s compulsory certification standard, in 2013 to lay the foundation for exports to China. In 2016, YM Tech was awarded the Export Tower and Silver Tower Industrial Medal on Trade Day, and in 2019, it was selected as the “Material, Parts, and Equipment Small Enterprise 100” with EV Relay technology. In 2021, it received a technology evaluation grade A from Korea Enterprise Data. With this technology, products are supplied to 21 countries.

EV Relay is a key component that helps control electrical energy stably. The EV Relay may be remotely controlled when charging or discharging the secondary battery and is sealed to prevent electric flames generated from the inside from leaking to the outside.

As such, it is used in ESS, electric vehicles, and electric vehicle chargers, which require stable control of DC electric energy, and is excellent in preventing voltage electric shock and insulation accidents. For safety, EV Relay must have the function of removing electric flames generated when cutting off current, and also requires moisture-proof, explosion-proof, miniaturized, lightweight, and noise minimization.http://image2.aving.net/2021/10/30/202110301712445901.jpg

Photo – YM Tech

Based on four core technologies: gas insulation confidential technology, bidirectional arc blocking technology, main contact monitoring technology through feedback contacts, and design technology for large-capacity products, YM Tech has established a wide product lineup of 10A-1000A from DC 400V to 800V. With these efforts, it holds 31 domestic and 6 overseas patents.

YM Tech announced its goal to lead the EV switching device market, including ESS, charging devices, and solar inverters, and to grow into a global company that achieves a high share in the global electric vehicle market in the future. In particular, in order to enter the electric vehicle market, it is essential to develop a hydrogen mixed gas filling technology to be compatible with existing market products.

An official from YM Tech emphasized, “We have completed the development of the technology as a task for ‘Small Giant Enterprise 100’, making it the second company in the world to develop hydrogen mixed gas filling technology and the only company in the world to produce nitrogen gas filling products.”

The hydrogen mixed gas sealing contact device is a DC 800V bidirectional product that can be blocked without any problems even if the current direction changes. An official explained that it is expected to achieve effects such as simplifying manufacturing processes, shortening production time, and reducing production costs.

YM Tech announced that it aims to enter the electric vehicle market by completing the development of DC 800V hydrogen mixed gas insulation type two-way products by 2021 and plans to increase sales in the electric vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell market.

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by “intelligent high-tech parts industry”