[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] Neo-Semitech, “Pursuing advancement of smart factory based on expertise in IoT and ICT application technology!”

SMST-8400│Image Source – Neo-Semitech

Neo-Semitech Co., Ltd. is a smart factory-based IoT and ICT application technology company, and they mainly develop and produce semiconductor measuring equipment and semiconductor facilities such as SMST (Smart Multi Sensing Technology) series, ADC (Analog Digital Converter), and Ion Decay Time Analyzer. Based on the experience of CEO Seon gak Kim, who has worked at Samsung Electronics and Hynix Research Center for over 20 years, they are pursuing the advancement of the smart factory.

The main product, SMST-8400, is a multi-purpose monitoring device that can use up to 40 channels with a compact and lightweight design and it can check and monitor temperature, vibration, voltage, rev count and more information of the equipment to maintain stable equipment management. It will check whether there is an abnormality in the equipment and transmits it to the manager in real time using wired/wireless communication.

In addition, the scale removal device introduced at ‘Korea Electronics Show (KES 2021)’ is an equipment that discharges the scale accumulated in the pipe to the outside using the electrolysis method. It was developed to prevent environmental pollution in line with the carbon-neutral era, and targets water circulation facilities in buildings.

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by “intelligent high-tech parts industry” 

Scale removal device │Image Source – Neo-Semitech