[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] Kyungwon Tech, “Compete with technology through continuous R&D!”

Rotating arm │Photo – Kyungwon Tech

Kyungwon Tech Co., Ltd. (CEO Gyeong-rae Jeong) started as an excavator hydraulic maintenance business in 1988 and expanded to the excavator attachment market, and developed and released the link-coupled tongs which is the origin of the current market’s mainstream excavator tongs for the first time in Korea. Since then, through continuous research and development, Rijjok[advanced ripper] (holding intellectual property rights and trademark rights) in 2014 and Rotating Links in 2019 have been successfully commercialized.

Kyungwon Tech’s Rotating Quick Coupler maintains the functional features of the existing link (an attachment that makes it easy to connect arms and other connections), while allowing rotation gears to rotate 360 degrees left and right in the middle of separation.

Conventional general links had issues as increase in working time and a poor efficiency because of the non-rotatable form. Kyungwon Tech decided that it would be efficient to rotate the link, which is basically mounted on most excavators, so that it could be rotated by combining an existing attachment with one rotating equipment.

Therefore, by rotating and operating various attachments, various work sites such as landscaping, stone, crushing, and asbestos work was possible from impossible to do it and also it reduced working hours. Kyungwon Tech provides an optimal working environment with light materials and powerful rotating torque emitted from gears by using abrasion-resistant lightweight iron plates and special gears as iron plates used for rotating links.

The features of the rotating link are lower profile, used Wel-ten specialty steel material, high durability/boring after welding, possible to use buckets, forks, rippers, compactors, and pincers from any angles, double towing links, and use of pincers possible by using the ring for joining the lower links.

Rotating link │Photo – Kyungwon Tech

In addition, multi-grab is attached with excavator arm all the times and is convenient to carry thumb separately during excavation, and In order to solve the weight problem due to this, it was manufactured with expensive steel plate with high tensile strength when not in use.

Features include the use of quad specialty steel, patent & design applications, built-in shock-absorber, movable range of the pincers up to 170 degrees, flow prevention function, highly durable H brackets, and automatic safety hooks.

Kyungwon Tech representative said, “The company has secured many original technologies through continuous research and development and has various research results. as the original company of fixed multi-purpose tongs currently sold, we launched the first multi-purpose tongs in Korea in 2008, and Rijjok also developed and commercialized for the first time in Korea, considering the advantages of reapers and buckets developed by the Small and Medium Business Administration,” he said.

And also introduced, “The rotating arm, which is about to be released, is the product to be released after 5 years of R&D after securing the technology of ‘excavator arm with rotating device’ in July 2016.”

According to representative, Rotating arm is a technology-intensive crystal of Kyungwon Tech’s flagship products such as multipurpose tongs, rotating links, and tilt links are unlikely with rotary links, it is applied to the arm to reduce the weight of the product, rotate and tilt movement at the same time.

Rotating arm, a technology-intensive product that combines various patented technologies such as wear resistance, clearance prevention, and lightening of gears, used Wel-ten special steel materials. The tilt and tongs set has the advantage of being able to cover all the workplaces.

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by  “intelligent high-tech parts industry”