[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] KOYJ, a company with their motto as specializing in differentiated display functional parts and materials to lead the global market!

Optical Film │Image Source – KOYJ

KOJY Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006 as a company specializing in differentiated display functional parts and materials and started mass production of protective films through the development of innovative coating formulation technology in 2007 and they continue to grow remarkably every year by expanding their business area to the optical film field using their proprietary ultra-precision ultra-thin coating technology.

In order to form a stable business portfolio, they entered the light guide plate processing field in 2009 and by developing double-sided compression thermal transfer patterning technology in 2010, they became competitive in light guide panel patterning field in domestic and global market.

LED Encapsulation │ Image Source – KOYJ

There are two types of optical film as their main products, a half curing type and an adhesive type. The half curing method has advantages of superior transmittance and luminance compared to the adhesive method, but it is difficult to set the initial lamination conditions. The adhesive method has superior adhesion compared to the half curing method and is easy to set process conditions, but the physical properties change depending on the adhesive (thickness, solid content).

In addition, the silicone encapsulant protects the LED chip from external factors (heat, moisture, impact, etc.) and is a sealing material that improves the light extraction rate. KOYJ has developed thermosetting silicone encapsulant having high heat resistance and light resistance suitable for displays (TV, Smartphone, Car Display, Laptop, etc.), automotive usage and lighting LEDs.

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by “intelligent high-tech parts industry”