[Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Resident Company Special] BiPV Korea, “Building Makes Electricity “… Taking the Lead in Spread of Building-Integrated Solar Power Generation System!

Possolar│Photo Courtesy-BiPV Korea

BiPV Korea Co., Ltd.(CEO: Cheol-Ho Kim), established in 2012, specializes in “Building-integrated Photovoltaic System” under the slogan of ‘Building Makes Electricity’.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic System(BIPV) is the concept to effectively spread and activate PV system by making PV modules as construction materials for building exterior and applying them to building envelop, resulting in higher added values including economic benefits.

Self electricity supply technology of building through photovoltaic generation is the technology to lead the future, and BiPV Korea has taken the lead in increasing the added value of building by introducing environment-friendly technology.

No matter how good performance and benefits are functionally, the technology is hard to survive in the construction market in the long run, if parts of the most basic components of architecture are damaged. That is, construction application technology of renewable energy cannot succeed through technical and functional success only unless we respect the design significance of building exterior and find a way to harmonize with the building.

Soltile│Photo Courtesy-BiPV Korea

BIPV products of BiPV Korea explores a harmonizing plan with the following feature. △Lightweight(easy and faster to transport and to construct than glass module) △Space utilization (No additional space and additional structure required due to building envelope finishing function) △Efficiency(high-efficiency single crystal cell) △Constructability (shorten construction period since it can be installed at once, with a role of photovoltaic building finishing material) △Safety(additional structure unrequired for photovoltaic installation) △Wind resistance(safe even in strong wind by constructing the building integrated type of roof and wall) △Durability(less risk of damage due to footprint of worker or hail) △Aesthetics △diversity(make the building stand out as the building integrated type of exterior finishing materials)

With regard to features and strength of individual product, first of all, Possolar, a roof integrated type solar panel, has the function of roof finishing materials, requiring no additional space or structure. In addition, Soltile and Solwall are the roof type and exterior wall type solar panel respectively, and can avoid reflected lights as well as solar power generation with tempered glass finished with Rainy Pattern. BIPV zinc solar panel is an all-in-one type of CIGS flexible module(or single crystal module and zinc steel plate panel, an ultra-light solar panel installed at once without need for additional structure and can be applied to various buildings.

An official from BiPV Korea introduced its performance, saying “One of our products, Hanwall, an exterior wall integrated type solar product, was installed at Seoul youth housing at station districts in 2020 at BIPV 51Kw grade. In particular, Possolar, one of our product developed with our own technology was installed as BIPV at the bus stop smart shelter roof in Seoul this year. “

Hanwall│Photo Courtesy-BiPV Korea

He added “we have done our best to develop various kinds of module frames and structure systems as we were selected for R&D Project, “Development of Building Type Photovoltaic Core Materials Securing Safety and Long-term Reliability(over 25 years)’ by Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning for 3 years since 2021”.

In particular, thanks to these achievements, BiPV Korea has actively promoted its products in domestic and overseas markets. In particular, the company signed NDA with buyers from India, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, Canada through the projects to support matching with overseas buyers of Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Photovoltaic Industry Team of Chungbuk Techno Park and KOTRA. 

In addition, the company has expanded its supply to general housing through construction expo. The official of the company explains that their products are recognized as the products that can maintain details of the construction company without damaging design of the architect.

Regarding future plan, he went on to say “we will continue to develop and distribute the products with excellent original function of acquiring electricity as well as the construction material function with high versatility and aesthetics, and will focus on securing safety so that our products can be installed universally in the construction sites.”

Meanwhile, Chungbuk Techno Park has prepared and focused on Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster TF since last year to strengthen the competitiveness of regional representative industries. The main content is to establish a national innovation cluster in Chungcheongbuk-do, enhance global competitiveness and lay new growth bases for local industries by  “intelligent high-tech parts industry”