Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute, introduce Quantum dot material plant lighting optimized for plant wavelength at the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021

Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute, introduce Quantum dot material plant lighting│Photo by AVING NEWS

Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute, introduce Quantum dot material plant lighting│Photo by AVING NEWS

Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute (President Myung-Keun Hwang and hereafter the Research Institute) participated in the Int’l Light Convergence EXPO held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Ilsan for three days from October 13th (Wed) to 15th (Fri)

The Research Institute is a specialized research institute opened in March 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to revitalize the plasma industry, which is being promoted as a regional strategic industry in Gangwon-do and Cheorwon-gun. Thermal plasma equipment technology, graphene-nano fusion technology, convergence material technology, and quantum dot (QD) light/display convergence technology are specialized and intensively nurtured.

Quantum dot nanomaterial is a semiconductor with a particle size of several nanometers (nm) and has a property of emitting light by receiving energy. Based on the light conversion characteristics of quantum dot materials, the quantum dot plant lighting product introduced at this exhibition enhances high growth promotion effects and functional ingredients by implementing optimized light spectra for each crop, and induces even growth regardless of location in smart farms.

Photo by – AVING NEWS

Yong-Deuk Kim, head of the Quantum Dot Commercialization Support Center in the researcher, said, “We are supplying lighting optimized for plant wavelengths to companies along with the excellence of original technology for quantum dot materials owned by the center, and we participated in the exhibition to introduce the results.”

He continued, “When I participated in the exhibition last year, it was only a lighting exhibition, but this year, we introduced the demonstration results and upgraded data of quantum dot plant lighting together. In particular, when a smart farm was introduced to a wasabi farm and LED lighting was installed In addition, we can expect a 20-30% reduction in the production period by shortening the harvest by about 5-6 months, which required 20 months of cultivation.”

Through these research results and activities, the researcher is carrying out the smart specialization infrastructure construction project (quantum dot nanomaterial-based linkage platform project), which is a base support project of the Ministry of Industry, based on quantum dot materials and applied technology. In addition, by providing enterprise support services such as enterprise support platform establishment, enterprise prototype production support, on-site technical support, and test and evaluation certification support, corporate competitiveness is strengthened through linking cooperation between advanced materials and applied industries, sales increase, and quality employment We are making continuous efforts to revitalize the local economy through creation.

Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute Booth at 2021 Int’l Light Convergence EXPO │ Photo by – AVING NEWS

‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021’ organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and managed by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, will be conducted by integrating the 19th International LED&OLED EXPO and PHOTONICS+LASER EXPO. The main exhibit items are as follows. △LED △OLED △DISPLAY △Bio LED △Electronics △Optical Communication

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