Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute exhibits quantum dot material plant lighting and applied products at the International Light Convergence Expo 2021!

Clockwise from top left) InP-based quantum dot synthesis solution, quantum dot powder
quantum dot lens, quantum dot film│Image Source- Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute

Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute (President Myung-Keun Hwang, hereafter the Research Institute) is participating in the ‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021’ held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Ilsan for three days from October 13th (Wed) to 15th (Fri). Quantum Dot material and various types of plant growth lighting and application prototypes to which it is applied will be introduced.

Quantum dot nanomaterials are semiconductors with particles of several nanometers (nm) in size, and have the property of emitting light by receiving energy. At this time, the emitted light has a high color purity in a narrow wavelength band at half maximum. Based on this, it is applied to display products such as QLED-TV and QD-Monitor, and the color is greatly improved compared to the existing LCD, and commercialization was first achieved.

An official said, “The research institute uses InP-based materials instead of heavy metals contained in quantum dot materials to comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs), and to secure stability against heat, moisture and light through powdered research results. Meanwhile, we are developing and commercializing quantum dot lighting technology for natural light and optimal plant growth for each crop by processing it in the form of a film or lens.”

Lighting for Quantum Dot Plant Growth│ Image Source- Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute

Quantum dot plant lighting products to be displayed at this exhibition are based on the light conversion characteristics of quantum dot materials, and realize a customized and optimized light spectrum for each crop, resulting in a high growth promotion effect and improvement of functional ingredients, and provide a uniform light distribution. It is characterized by inducing even growth regardless of location within the smart farm.

The developed lighting has already been distributed and used by many farms in Gangwon-do after demonstrating its effectiveness through theory and demonstration within the research center’s Quantum Dot Commercialization Support Center (Centre Director Yong-Deuk Kim, hereafter the support center), and the official explained the response of the farmers that they were very positive.

An official from the support center said, “We are making efforts to increase the income of farmers through systematic demonstration of the effects of plant growth lighting for each crop. We are also preparing to implement a future-oriented automated smart farm system and graft big data and AI technology.”

In addition, the support center secures a mass production system for quantum dot intermediate materials such as RTR coating system and room temperature photocuring system in order to disseminate the technology developed so far to local companies, and to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the region. By applying materials, it supported the development of high-performance and high-functional displays, lighting, bio devices, and diagnostic devices.

Quantum dot application prototype through corporate support│ Image Source- Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute

Through these research results and activities, the researcher is carrying out the smart specialization infrastructure construction project (quantum dot nanomaterial-based linked platform project), which is a base support project of the Ministry of Industry, based on quantum dot materials and applied technology. In addition, by providing enterprise support services such as enterprise support platform establishment, enterprise prototype production support, on-site technical support, and test and evaluation certification support, corporate competitiveness is strengthened through linking cooperation between advanced materials and applied industries, sales increase, and quality employment We are making continuous efforts to revitalize the local economy through creation.

‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021’ organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and managed by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, will be conducted by integrating the 19th International LED&OLED EXPO and PHOTONICS+LASER EXPO. The main exhibit items are as follows. △LED △OLED △DISPLAY △Bio LED △Electronics △Optical Communication

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