CES 2022 Makes a Comeback in Las Vegas After Two Years Unfolding a Technological Innovation for a Better World

– Innovative tech products such as AI, vehicle tech and digital health from over 2,300 companies around the world were introduced
– CES 2022 Digital Platform Content will be available until January 31st

View of CES 2022 │ Photo – CES HQ

CES® 2022, the world’s most influential technology event, ended on the 7th (Friday, local time) in Las Vegas, USA.At this year’s CES, more than 2,300 observers around the world, including 800 startups, introduced products containing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), vehicle technology, digital health, and smart home technology.

CES returned to Las Vegas after two years, setting up 11 indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, and welcoming more than 40,000 on-site participants, including more than 1,800 mediapartners. Of these, 30 percent were participants from outside the United States, with 119 countries. It proved to be a world-class event.

Gary J. Shapiro, Chairman and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), who organized and hosted CES, said, “It was a week when innovation was one step closer to reality. CES 2022 boasts of a collection of technologies that reconstruct industries and present solutions to global problems such as healthcare, agriculture, and sustainability.In particular, we were able to feel the joy of face-to-face interaction at this year’s CES exhibition hall, and also fully experience innovative products that will redefine the future and change the world to a better place,” he said.

Karen Chupka, Executive Vice President of CES, said, “For the first time in almost two years, industries around the world have gathered together to collaborate with each other, build partnerships, sign contracts, and advance the economy. Through this event, I believe CES 2022 has contributed to the progress of global business.”. She added, “After two years of facing difficulties to do face-to-face events, I am very moved that our industry was able to gather together at CES 2022 and experience the latest innovation vividly,”.

CES 2022 Main Trends

Bosch, Canon, Hisense, HTC, LG Electronics, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Panasonic, and Qualcomm participated in CES 2022, making it full of innovative technologies to spur business and move the market.

Vehicle technology is a key trend in CES this year, with more than 190 vehicle technology companies participating, including BMW, Hyundai, Indy Autonomous Challenge, and Stellantis. Vietnam’s first vehicle manufacturer VinFast also participated in CES this year.

In the digital health field, improvements in health functions in telemedicine, connected health devices, and wearable devices could be seen. Abbott, Essence, and Baracoda Daily Health Tech did their own exhibitions as well.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was everywhere at CES 2022. Artificial intelligence has made products and technologies smarter, more effective, and customizable, and has developed almost all major industries from agriculture to healthcare, vehicles, manufacturing, and entertainment.John Deere also introduced the first fully automated tractor, and Beyond Honeycomb introduced a customized meal preparation and cooking robot implemented with AI.

View of CES 2022 │ Photo – CES HQ

This year, more than 800 startups from 19 countries around the world shone at the Eureka Park Exhibition Hall, CES’s startup hub. SkyDrive’s air taxi, ScenTronix’s EveryHuman algorithm perfume, and Orbisk’s fully automated food waste monitoring system appeared. The Venetian Expo was the first European Pavilion to be set up, allowing visitors to see the latest technological innovations in Europe.

Leaders from all over the world stood on the keynote speech stage. Major figures include Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman and DX CEO Jong-hee Han, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra, and Robert B. Ford Abbott Chairman and CEO, who gave keynote speeches at CES for the first time in the healthcare industry.

CES 2022 successfully supported more than 40,000 participants gathered at the scene. The U.S. Travel Association also praised CES’s protocol.The CES 2022 health protocol was applied to field participants and required vaccination certification, indoor mask wear, and included tests and social distancing methods.

For people that were not able to attend CES this year, digital contents were also offered. Content on the CES 2022 digital platform is available until Monday, January 31st. This year’s CES digital platform was provided by Web Summit. Both field and digital participants have access to digital content.

CES 2023 will be returning to Las Vegas. The CES period for next year is from Thursday, January 5th to Sunday, January 8th, 2023.

All updates to CES 2022 hosted and organized by CTA, including keynote speeches, sessions, product presentations, and exhibition hall information, can be found on the CES website. In the media page, a CES-related high-definition image (B-roll) and an image may be downloaded.

Meanwhile, CES, the world’s largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition where you can grasp the flow of the global home appliance industry at a glance. It is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January. AVING NEWS, which has been covering CES for 16 consecutive years, has been sending the most news around the world every year since 2006, and will host ‘Best of CES 2022’ to select the best innovative products and technologies and ‘BEST OF MADE IN KOREA’ to select notable Korean companies. In addition, AVING LIVE, which conveys issues at the CES site, will be held for 7 days including Media Day.

* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, Kidai KIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim

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