[CES 2021 SEOUL] RealDesignTech introduces Ultiracer, a bike roller for indoor cycling

RealDesignTech will participate in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021, the world’s largest technology exhibition, to showcase Ultiracer, its bike roller for safe and dynamic indoor cycling.

[CES 2021 SEOUL] RealDesignTech introduces Ultiracer, a bike roller for indoor cycling

Ultiracer is a safe and dynamic indoor cycling device that operates with two rollers, unlike the traditional bike roller which requires three rollers. User’s bike on two rollers, synchronized with the Iron Arm which allows X-axis movement, creates smooth steering action. Ultiracer enables the user’s bike to have seamless side-to-side movement as well as forward momentum.

The company staff said, “It is an ultimate game changer for indoor cycling. It opens an exciting world of virtual cycling, moving in all directions, which makes it feel like riding a real bicycle at the convenience of home.”

RealDesignTech is a startup company that specializes in indoor cycling technology. Its first product Ultiracer has been acclaimed as the “Best New Cycling Technology” in CES 2021.

Continuing from last year, Seoul Metropolitan City has set up Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021 this year as well. It will be promoting 15 outstanding companies selected in the three areas of △Transportation·Environment, △Safety·Welfare, and △Economy·Living. These companies have been selected through the evaluation of their abilities to enter the overseas market, and they will be provided with the expenses to participate in the CES online exhibition, and also with the opportunity to participate in the first Live CES Seoul event held by the global investor Plug-and-Play. Visitors can check the 15 participating companies and programs at the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion at smartseoul.net.

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