[CES 2021 All Digital] Smart Mimic will be introducing updates to its proven Mimic GO and the groundbreaking Mimic TRACK for the 2021 retail year at CES

Smart Mimic, a Silicon Valley company that crafts devices for personal safety and security-on-the-go just announced a refresh of their product line for 2021 – the delightfully engineered, sensor laden, intelligent Mimic GO and its companion, the groundbreaking Mimic Track.

Mimic GO emphasizes detection of movement – such a backpack being moved or a door being opened or someone walking into your home office when you are away – and not only alerts the owner but can optionally sound a compact yet loud 120dB alarm with deterrence in mind.

Mimic Track on the other hand is designed to detect unauthorized movement of any property it is attached to – such as a bicycle, scooter, car or even backpacks and sports equipment – and not only alerts the owner silently, but continuously updates its location thereby improving changes for retrieval.

The core technology defines fifth generation of consumer ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices designed to anticipate behaviors and needs using edge intelligence; privacy-first cloud services; mindlessly free ‘always on’ connectivity, with no sim-cards and maintains contact even out of blue-tooth range; seemingly limitless charge that lasts months; and green from the get go with fully rechargeable batteries.

“As the year unfolds and we enter a more normal post pandemic world, consumers are going to be traveling like never before in unprecedented numbers, making up for all the lost time. And in a world that has fast forwarded to digital, personal safety and. security products need to change in order to keep up with consumer expectations..Mimic GO and Mimic Track’s onboard intelligence and easy to use mobile app  give their users the freedom to secure their surroundings or valuables, whenever they want, wherever they want, at a touch of a button. Our products will be made available via consumer retail; bundling partnerships with sellers of high value ‘gear’ like laptops, cameras, sports equipment; or technology embeds with makers of e-bikes, bicycles and other products. We stand ready to meet the needs of millions who will soon hit the road or catch a flight. ” said Noyan Berker founder and CEO of Smart Mimic.

Whether it’s the backpack, laptop, the bike, your personal living space or even the garage – whether you are at home or on the road – Mimic GO and Mimic Track can sense and instantly alert owners to the risk of theft, intrusion or disruption.

Said Deepak Srinivasan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, “Security on the go’ requires as fundamental a rethink in product behavior and core technology as was needed in the shift from desktops to laptops. Consumers have three underlying anxieties around any safety technology – never lose contact, never lose power and never be required to subscribe. Smart Mimic addresses all three of them with always-on free connectivity; power that lasts months on a single charge; and no recurring charges required for core safety features. We welcome interest from retailers, OEM licensees and bundling partners in the US and worldwide.”

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Contact Information :

  • US headquarters: 353 Sacramento Street, Suite 1812, San Francisco, 94111, California, USA
  • Company website: www.smartmimic.com
  • Contract number: +1 650 504 7916 / 408 987 1332
  • Contract email: hello@smartmimic.com

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