[CES 2021 All Digital] OakMega’s Social CRM Helps Reclaim Missing Customer Data, Increasing Customer Lifetime Value by over 50%

The vision of OakMega is to help companies collect the real-time, first-party data of their customers to give them the high-resolution profile necessary to build stronger relationships with their customers.

Communication is the key to building strong relationships. Today, people are choosing to communicate with each other over messenger applications, with an estimated 3 billion people using chat and messenger applications. In fact, studies have shown that people spend an average of 2 hours per day using messenger apps, with millennials spending up to 4 hours. OakMega is a leading provider of messaging app CRM solutions to B2C brand owners, helping businesses better understand and engage with their customers.

As people migrate to messaging apps from traditional communication channels like email and SMS, businesses face challenges in understanding their customers’ behaviors on these messaging platforms. Currently, no CRM solutions have been able to capture customer data on messenger applications. Furthermore, with major browsers and big tech companies starting to limit data access rights for cross-application usage, businesses are potentially losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to missing customer data.

OakMega’s Solution Lets Businesses Reclaim Missing Customer Data
OakMega’s Social CRM solution helps businesses reclaim missing customer data by acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers through native messenger apps. First, OakMega covers traditional channels such as email and browsers, but also includes real-time customer data from messaging apps. Using the solution’s deep link and AI mapping mechanism, users can match known and unknown visitors across applications and aggregate all of the scattered data into their platform, giving companies a holistic view of their customers. Next, their engagement system, which includes a segmented content builder, live chat, chatbot, and other online-merge-offline modules, gives brands multiple ways to engage with customers. Finally, their analytics studio and auto-tagging system give business owners the ability to identify high-value members for customer retention campaigns.

OakMega is the first social CRM to empower businesses to build first-party omnichannel data and reclaim their missing customer data, allowing them to understand their customers better, independent of any cookie policy changes. Their solution takes just 15 minutes to activate, and works with multiple communication channels, including LINE, Telegram, Email, SMS, and all Internet browsers.

Social CRM Has Accumulated over 90 Million First-party Omnichannel Data Entries, Helping Clients Triple MAU and Increase CLTV by 50%
A leading diaper brand achieved tremendous results within the first six months of implementing OakMega’s Social CRM solution. This client wanted to activate and engage with customers in their current CRM database. With OakMega, they were able to segment their customers into 13 different journeys, which were respectively targeted with unique promotions directly through LINE, leading to a doubling of the registration rate and an increase in MAU by 30%. OakMega’s clients span different industries. They currently work with premium brands in the retail, pharmaceutical, real estate, gaming, and other sectors. Collectively, OakMega has accumulated over 90M first-party omnichannel data entries.

OakMega CEO Porsche Tsai graduated from National Taiwan University and has accumulated deep marketing experience in multinational corporations, with a sharp understanding of the intricacies involved in acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. OakMega Co-Founder and CTO Khan Lee has over 6 years of technical experience as a full-stack engineer. OakMega is accelerated by SparkLabs Taipei, and has partnerships with HubSpot and CyberZ. The vision of OakMega is to help companies collect the real-time, first-party data of their customers to give them the high-resolution profile necessary to build stronger relationships with their customers. The company’s innovative CRM solution earned OakMega its spot as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups showcased in the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) at CES 2021.

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Contact Information
Contact Mail : service@oakega.com
Home page links : https://oakmega.com/

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