[CES 2021 All Digital] Coway Wins the CES Innovation Award for Six Consecutive Years

Coway Co., Ltd., a leading environmental home appliances company, announced today that Coway’s air purifier (AP-1019D) received CES® 2021 Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Coway has been recognized for its innovative technology and design, winning the CES Innovation Award for six years in a row since its first participation in the CES in 2016.

The CES Innovation Awards program, sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products after a thorough review by industry experts based on innovation, engineering and functionality, aesthetic and design.

This year, Coway’s air purifier (AP-1019D) received CES® 2021 Innovation Awards in the Home Appliances category. This marks the sixth consecutive year where Coway has won the CES Innovation Award with its outstanding products. Coway’s product leadership has previously been recognized in the Home Appliance category with the award honorees spanning from an air purifier, water purifier, dress care system, and more.

Coway AP-1019D, the award honoree, empowers consumers to customize purifying patterns by choosing from four customized air filters – Fine dust filter, Yellow dust filter, Formaldehyde filter, and Plus deodorization filter. The feature has been developed to reflect diverse living factors and fit consumers’ needs.

Coway AP-1019D boasts a sophisticated design that blends naturally into space as it adopts proportions found in furniture design and a height that best suits the consumer lifestyle. Utilizing fabric and wood-like materials, the product stands out from existing air purifiers aesthetically. The magnetic front cover also makes it an iconic interior product as it offers an opportunity for personal adornment.

“The CES Innovation Awards acknowledge the most innovative technology and we are honored to be the Honoree for six consecutive years,” said Hyun Joo Song, Head of Product Innovation Center at Coway. “Coway will continue bringing meaningful experience for our consumers with our products, and strengthen the global competitiveness.”

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