[CES 2018] Tamaggo, unveiled ‘Tamaggo 360 Live Cam’, a Camera that does not Miss Anything


Tammago participated in ‘CES 2018(Consumer Technology Show)’, the world’s largest IT consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas, the U.S.A. from Tues. 9th to Fri. 12th in Jan. and introduced an ‘Tamaggo 360 Live Cam’, a camera that does not miss anything.

Tamaggo 360 Live Cam, mimicking human eyes is the first immersive camera to cover the entire sight of VR180 and 360 Videos. It boasts 4K video quality and user can take a professional video more conveniently with touch screen and advanced lens. It also enables real-time live broadcasting through social network.

CES, the world’s largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition of trends in the global consumer electronics industry, held annually in January by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Aving News reported the most issues of CES, MWC, and IFA, which are world’s top three tech exhibitions, during last 11 years. It is sending special reporters to CES for this year as well; reporting major issues in the world market and introduce Korea’s major companies all over the world.


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