[CES 2018] Sublue, unveiled an Underwater Drone ‘Whiteshark’ series Designed with Creative Structure


Sublue participated in ‘CES 2018(Consumer Technology Show)’, the world’s largest IT consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas, the U.S.A. from Tues. 9th to Fri. 12th in Jan. and introduced an underwater drone ‘Whiteshark’ series designed with creative structure.

Using underwater drone ‘Whiteshark mix’ developed by Sublue, a high-tech company engaged in the research and development of underwater robots, even beginners who are new to swimming can enjoy swimming without any problem in the water. This product uses double-sided propellers for the first time in the world and the maximum propulsion of a single propeller is 4 kg. In addition, through the unique structure design, the MIX is made to have zero buoyancy in water so does not sink under the water.


(Photo: Whiteshark mix)

‘Whiteshark Mini’ is equipped with a more compact direction-change propulsion system. This device can track human sonar. The wireless remote control system eliminates the limitation of the cable, which makes it easy for users to access. HD video of 2 million pixels is provided, the cabin floor is designed that additional underwater 3D camera, sonar, controller, water quality sensor and fiber optic expansion devices can be equipped.


(Photo: Whiteshark Mini)

‘WhiteShark Max’ is a ROV(Remotely-operated vehicle) with automatic control system suitable for measurement operation, diver support, search, rescue, dam monitoring, underwater photography and entertainment. WhiteShark Max can support underwater environmental testing, pollutant cleanup, underwater development observation, photography and professional divers.


(Photo: WhiteShark Max)

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