[CES 2016 Unveiled] Design Shift Introduced Data Security Equipment, ‘ORWL’


Design Shift unveiled ‘ORWL’ at the ‘CES Unveiled Las Vegas 2016.’ CES Unveiled is an event only for media, held in Las Vegas, U.S. on January 4th, to show more than 100 companies’ technology and products in advance.

‘ORWL’ protects user’s coded data when he does bank business, prevents data from physical damage and eliminates risk elements. It supports ‘6th generation Skylake Intel core M processor’ to provide superior graphic and security.

Held annually in January and owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES 2016 is the world’s largest exhibition to see the latest global trends in electronics and IT industry in one spot.

AVING News has been sending its reporters to CES for 11 years to introduce the new technologies and products.  After the local coverage and research, AVING News will hold ‘CES 2016 Review Conference’ in AVING Studio, Korea on January 28th.

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ORWL_기타1 ORWL_기타12 CES 2016 공통사진

by Kamin Kim, Hanbyul Kim