[CES 2016] HNK Unveiled ‘Baridios’, Automatic Hand Drip Coffee Machine


HNK (CEO Jeong Jae-ung, www.hnkglobal.co.kr) unveiled the “Baridios”, an automatic hand drip coffee machine, in the joint pavilion of the Mobile Technology Convergence Center (MTCC) at the world’s best IT technology exhibition ‘CES(Consumer Technology Show) 2016’ which runs Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC).

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite drinks. The number of people who want high quality and various tastes of coffee is increasing in Asia, including Korea. While variation coffee, such as Americano and lattes, are made by espresso machines, specialty coffee, which possesses the best taste and flavor, is made by hand drip coffee brewing methods.

The company said that “Baridios”, which means “the god of baristas”, is a smart hand drip coffee machine that can make coffee that tastes better and has more flavor than a skilled barista’s coffee. And it can make the perfect amount of coffee, with the best strength.

It takes about four minutes for the product to make a cup of coffee. It is equipped with software that can extract top-notch taste and flavor from all types of coffee beans. In particular, users can enjoy outstanding hand drip coffee, as it can evenly and accurately control water steam. It can also create professional pour-over methods, including Kalita, Melita, Kono, and Hario.

Furthermore, there is an LED pin light on the nozzle of the dripper, which maximizes users’ emotions and styles. It has a luxurious design and professional-level functions and specifications. It can be used for large coffee franchises as well.

HNK CEO Jeong Jae-ung said: “Currently, the third wave, which is represented by specialty coffee, is now spreading in the coffee market. We will promote the hand drip coffee culture, which is highly developed in the Korean market, to the global market and dominate the coffee machine sector.”

HNK is focused on manufacturing components and developing automatic machines for the coffee-related industry. It is also running a hand drip coffee franchise called Hands Coffee. Since 2011, with a CEO who is a barista, the company has been developing automatic coffee machines based on accumulated skills and know-how.

MTCC prepared the joint pavilion at this exhibition and supported related domestic companies’ participation in CES 2016, promoting the creative factory supporting business. It is mainly focused on the competitiveness reinforcement business of new mobile convergence in the global market.




Held annually in January and owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES 2016 is the world’s largest exhibition to see the latest global trends in electronics and IT industry in one spot.

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