[CES 2016] 4DCULTURE Showcased Three-Dimensional Laser Scanner and Modular Robot


4DCULTURE (CEO Kim Jong-seong, www.4dculture.com) showcased its three-dimensional laser scanner “X-Scan” and modular robot “MONABOT” in the joint pavilion of the Mobile Technology Convergence Center (MTCC) at the world’s best IT technology exhibition ‘CES(Consumer Technology Show) 2016’ which runs Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC).

The three-dimensional laser scanner “X-Scan” is especially designed for accurate measurements, shape-comparison inspections, and acquisitions of non-linear shape information for in-line production lines and other industrial fields.

The “3D Dental Scanner” produces 3D digital information of the accurate shapes of patients’ teeth, for their dentures and orthodontic parts. It also helps dental manufacturers and clinics exchange reliable information.

The company’s modular robot “MONABOT” can be changed according to users’ needs. Each module can operate separately, or more than two modules can be combined to operate together. It can pass obstacles and move to other areas.

4DCULTURE CEO Kim Jong-seong said: “We are happy to participate in CES 2016, which enables us to see the world’s IT technologies in a glance. We will take advantage of this opportunity to promote 3D scanners and robots in North, Central, and South American markets.”

Since its foundation in 2011, the company has continuously developed various outstanding technologies for 3D image processing and high-performance 3D scanning. It provides total solutions related to 3D scanning systems, which are based on domestic technology.

MTCC prepared the joint pavilion at this exhibition and supported related domestic companies’ participation in CES 2016, promoting the ultra-wide 3D convergence industry. It is mainly focused on the competitiveness reinforcement business of new mobile convergence in the global market.




Held annually in January and owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES 2016 is the world’s largest exhibition to see the latest global trends in electronics and IT industry in one spot.

AVING News has been sending its reporters to CES for 11 years to introduce the new technologies and products.  After the local coverage and research, AVING News will hold ‘CES 2016 Review Conference’ in AVING Studio, Korea on January 28th.

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