Cellhappyco introduces Mineral Tone-up Sunscreen at the 2021 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition

Photo by Cellhappyco

Cellhappyco (CEO Hye-young Cha) participated in ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’.

Cellhappyco is a Korean company that manufactures and sells organic and functional cosmetics. It manufactures premium cosmetics with patented manufacturing technology and carefully selected organic and natural ingredients. As the name suggests, customers’ cells make happy cosmetics. The company pursues to make cosmetics filled with ingredients that are not harmful to our bodies. Established in 2018, in recognition of its potential, the company has completed the development and production of a total of 8 products with the support of the Korean government.

A Cellhappyco official said, “We prefer a high-end market suitable for premium cosmetics. We prefer a company that distributes for an aesthetic shop or hair salon because you can feel the effect of the product only when you try it yourself and then you proceed with the purchase. We also prefer distribution through offline drug stores. Since the company manufactures and sells products with carefully selected raw materials, the price is not cheap. As such, we want to become a brand known to more customers by entering the market where the ingredients and value of our products can be recognized.”.

The first products launched by Cellhappyco were Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic. There are many hair care products such as shampoos dotted with chemical ingredients on the market, which can cause problems such as scalp inflammation, dandruff, and hair loss. So, the company patented ingredients using certified organic and natural herbal ingredients. This patented ingredient is a complex of 17 kinds of natural oriental herbs for scalp and hair, and is used in both shampoo and tonic. Using the feedback from customer reviewssaying that these products are solving problems such as scalp problems and hair loss, the company wants to make healthy cosmetics not only for hair care but also for skincare and body care.

After that, the companylaunched healthy skincare lines such as red ginseng powder wash (face wash) and Vita C ampoule (facial serum), and expanded its body care line by launching organic-certified body wash and body lotion earlier this year. In addition, since it has released a mineral sunscreen with safe ingredients, you can use Cellhappyco products every day throughout the four seasons.

Photo by Cellhappyco

Cellhappyco is a functional cosmetics company approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and has a functional hair loss tonic for hair loss prevention and a whitening/wrinkle improvement functional Vita C ampoule. It launched its products after obtaining the COSMOS ORGANIC certification, a strict European organic certification. Organic shampoo (Natural 99.46%), organic body wash (Natural 98.59%) and body lotion (Natural 99.60%) are all certified by COSMOS ORGANIC. This certification is widely known for its rigorous screening that encompasses all processes from raw materials to processing and packaging.

The company registered a patent for the manufacturing method of a composition for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth using 17 oriental herbal ingredients. It has also applied for a patent on the manufacture of a bivalve leaf complex extract with anti-oxidation and alleviation of skin troubles using five oriental herbal ingredients, which are used as a raw material for body care products.In addition, it also has export certifications for export to overseas locations.

Cellhappyco has released a new product called ‘Mineral Tone-up Sunscreen”.Inorganic, mineral sunscreens are safer than organic sunscreens in terms of ingredients because they are not absorbed by the skin and are coated on the surface of the skin to reflect UV rays. Nowadays, there is a trend to use mineral sunscreen in Korea.

“Meanwhile, the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition, an online exhibition in the field of chemistry, opened in March and is always in operation, and currently has 270 chemical-related companies. It supports overseas marketing of domestic companies in a contact-free manner and boasts the largest scale in Korea where you can see various product information of industrial chemicals (paint, adhesive, surfactant, MDI, Polybutene, polyol, catalyst, foaming agent, additives, pipes, living plastics, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, lotion, shampoo, face masks, etc.).

The chemical industry is closely linked to major industries such as electronics and automobiles and is especially at the center of the global issue of carbon neutrality. In line with this, the Korea Precision Chemical Industry Promotion Association (KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies advance overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and international agreements. Based on companies entering online permanent exhibition halls in the chemical sector, it has accumulated more than $136 million in 2021 as of the third quarter and is holding online export consultations with KOTRA in addition to entering the online permanent exhibition hall.

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