[CeBIT 2012] With “Managing Trust” as the keynote theme, CeBIT

Managing trust describes the process of building confidence as a basis for progress and growth”, said Ernst Raue, the Deutsche Messe Board Member responsible for CeBIT, on Monday in Hannover. “The greater the trust in the solutions and applications of the international ICT industry, the faster the global economy can grow. Trust is not a soft factor – it is an essential pillar of economic ctivity that must be firmly established and maintained.”

(Photo: Frank Pörschmann, Senior Vice President of CeBIT)

Managing Trust is moreover a logical progression from the main theme of CeBIT 2011, “Work & Life with the Cloud”. Usage of cloud-based solutions continues to increase, but lack of trust in these offerings remains a major obstacle. “CeBIT has set the goal of reducing the gap between confidence in modern technologies and the actual trustworthiness of digital solutions. This is the only way for innovation to reach full strength”, stressed Raue, adding, “Suppliers and users have to recognize that managing trust and confidence in intelligent solutions and processes is a central function of management.”

In closing, Raue promised, “The top theme of CeBIT 2012 will run like a red line through the entire fairgrounds and will be experienced in all four platforms of the fair. CeBIT Security World in Hall 12 will showcase concrete applications and solutions for digital and physical security.”

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