“Breaking the borders of online and offline” MICE specializing company Tae-won Yun, CEO, Inviter

Inviter is a company that has various VR and metaverse project fulfilling technology based on VR exhibition booth platform and 3D development technology that innovate the market. CEO Tae-won Yun intends to support users to easily move between borders through offline MICE exhibition and connection in addition to the online, virtual world with various online and offline field knowledge.

With the company name meaning to invite in French, Inviter was created with the hope to have good, valuable time with customers.

Inviter creates a platform in which VR exhibition booths can be made freely through reaction type real-time web service and provides 24-hour consultation through the AI chatbot and contactless video conference.

Additionally, it specializes in web-based exhibition platform in which affordable, quick exhibition preparation and management can be done at once based on big data and real 3D graphic.

Inviter is appraised to have opened up new opportunities for the online Korean tourism in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, through fulfilling various VR, metaverse projects based on 3D development technology, such as 3D graphics design knowledge and Unreal, Unity, etc.

Currently, the development of a non-installed type metaverse exhibition program in which social communication application and online and offline interactive are possible, with the theme of global tourism and pet with metaverse and AR technology, called Petness, is in progress. The intent is to enable global buyers to easily use the exhibition booths and planning exhibitions of small businesses based on VR technology.

Also, Inviter has completed a game-type tour, simulation in which medical tourism content can be used more easily with more fun based on 3D graphics, game development technology.

CEO Yun has achieved various accomplishments since college, such as the Minister Prize at a contest. After graduating, his built his career in global production business and construction business at LG and Daerim Group, found the future possibility of 3D technology, and found a startup.

He said, “I dreamed of a global business at an early age, with my experience at a global company, acquiring knowledge in foreign language and culture, and exchanges with numerous foreigners that I met at the international exhibition in my neighborhood.” “I would have to say that my involvement in tourism and the MICE industry is my destiny,” he added.

CEO Yun said, “My long-term plan is to create an ecosystem in which MICE can be more easily and quickly run globally by connecting to 3D printing technology. Ultimately, my goal is to share the company’s knowledge with domestic and foreign customers that do not have space for commercialization or poor housing environments.”