Bluetooth smart keyboard for mobile devices

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> T-net( has announced that it plans to release a new Bluetooth smart keyboard ‘BTK-6000’ manufactured by GG Telecom in November.

It is compatible with a pc or PDA and you can fold it when it’s not in use. It employs ‘X-structure Key Cap’ for convenience.
The whole body is made of aluminum, so it is sturdy and light. The lever in the center of the keyboard ensures stable use when the keyboard is unfolded.

There is a separate part for you to put your PDA and rubber pad underneath the body to prevent it from being slid.

It runs on 90 hours (waiting hours-168 hours) for 2 AAA batteries. If you buy the product, you can also get Korean software and a pouch.

If you need more information, visit the website or contact 82-2-718-9159.