BK BEAUTY Introduces BK Contour Cosmetics with Active Ingredients at the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition

BK Contour Oil | Photo – BK BEAUTY

BK BEAUTY (CEO Jin-hyuk Lee) participated in the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition.

BK BEAUTY runs an aesthetic franchise business and is successfully leading the establishment of BK Aesthetic brands in overseas markets. CEO Jin-hyuk Lee has been striving to promote the status of K-beauty by developing a specialized skincare program and presenting a thorough market analysis and business strategy for the region. BK BEAUTY has launched a highly functional cosmetics business to study skin problems that appear in various age groups regardless of age or gender and to provide the best solution accordingly.

The BK Contour Oil Drop Essence, launched in collaboration with experts from BK BEAUTY and Kolmar Korea, is a functional skin care product that contains only pure and clean ingredients derived from nature. It can be used without discomfort and is made by using natural, EWG green-grade safe ingredients. Hazardous ingredients such as sulfate, paraben, phenoxyethanol, and sulfate, which can be absorbed into the skin and pose a risk, were excluded. It uses ingredients certified for wrinkle and whitening dual functionality by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to improve skin barrier function and promote skin regeneration, helping to create lively and healthy skin. Its characteristic is that it can be used in an all-in-one type without having to use other products such as toner, serum, and essence. CEO Lee said, “Since it is an all-in-one product, we added a large amount of water-soluble collagen instead of purified water to reduce price burden.”

BK Contour cosmetics continuously released active ingredients to solve the inconvenience of continuing to apply the existing product over and over again or applying excessive ingredients to the skin. It contains more than 95% of vitamins and minerals and has both glow and moisture with natural oils. It is a formulation that absorbs quickly without stickiness, and a boosting effect that increases the sustainability of the base makeup can also be expected. In recognition of its differentiated raw material technology and product power, BK Contour Edition received the grand prize in the high-function cosmetics category of the ‘2021 Korea Brand Leader Awards’ in June.

 BK Contour Oil | Photo – BK BEAUTY

Based on management know-how and global network, it plans to enter AEC countries with the domestic market through members of BK BEAUTY. It plans to increase consumer satisfaction through systematic service management of highly recognized BK aesthetic brands. As it is a small startup, it will provide continuous support such as computer development, homepage support, and education that even single entrepreneurs can operate, manage, and promote on their own.

Recently, as the technology and effectiveness of products supplied by BK BEAUTY to overseas buyers have become widely known, global companies are inquiring about OEMs and ODMs (cosmetics and health functional foods). In line with this, the government will focus its efforts on targeting the global market and developing global brands of cosmetics and health foods through research projects jointly funded by related organizations such as the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Korea International Trade Association.

Through this exhibition, a BK BEAUTY official said, “We are supplying and distributing skincare products, health functional foods, coffee, and food at home and abroad, establishing a solid human network and a solid distribution network.” “We want to meet buyers who can collaborate with us, and I hope to learn and develop many things through exhibitions,” they added.

Meanwhile, the 2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition, an online exhibition in the field of chemistry, opened in March and is always in operation, and currently has 270 chemical-related companies. It supports overseas marketing of domestic companies in a contact-free manner and boasts the largest scale in Korea where you can see various product information of industrial chemicals (paint, adhesive, surfactant, MDI, Polybutene, polyol, catalyst, foaming agent, additives, pipes, living plastics, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, lotion, shampoo, face masks, etc.).

The chemical industry is closely linked to major industries such as electronics and automobiles and is especially at the center of the global issue of carbon neutrality. In line with this, the Korea Precision Chemical Industry Promotion Association (KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies advance overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and international agreements. Based on companies entering online permanent exhibition halls in the chemical sector, it has accumulated more than $136 million in 2021 as of the third quarter and is holding online export consultations with KOTRA in addition to entering the online permanent exhibition hall.

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