[BITFAS 2012 on-site] GITINA to introduce Jewelry of announcer style

GITINA (CEO, Chang-gyu Han, www.gitina.com) participated in ‘Busan International Textile & Fashion Show (BITFAS 2012)’ from 25th to 27th Oct. and exhibited Jewelry and Accessories that announcers use.

GITINA is manufacturing and selling all fashion accessories such as earring featuring unique design and lovely style, necklace, ring, bracelet, hair band & pin for ponytail style.

Especially, in 3 broadcasts (KBS, MBC, SBS), famous announcers(Hyun-ju Lee, Jiae Lee, Solhee Kim and others) and weather casts have being sponsored by GITINA. Actors and female comedians(Eun-yi Song, Young-mi Ahn, Yumi Kang and others) are also sponsored by GITINA.

In addition, officials said that they have been focusing on overseas export, their products are provided to Incube Department store, Hanryu-Kwan of Fukuoka, Japan.

Meanwhile, ‘Busan International Textile & Fashion Show 2012 (BITFAS 2012)’ has a plan to create dynamic business opportunities through advanced meeting between participating companies and invited buyers, under the theme of ‘Real Connection’. At ‘BITFAS 2012’, visitors can meet various textiles from daily clothes and outdoor to accessories and runs varied events such as fashion show, seminar concerning fashion trend and experiencing events and others.

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