[BISS 2012 on-site] TREKSTA to exhibit high-functional footwear ‘SYNC’ reducing muscle fatigue over 30%

TREKSTA(CEO, Dong-chil Kwon, www.treksta.co.kr) participated in Busan international Shoe show (hereafter BISS 2012) from 25th to 27th October and introduced highly functional footwear ‘SYNC’ optimized for all the way including asphalt road, dirt road and the journey road.

Because SYNC, made by nesFIT Technology, was designed in three-dimension of actual human foot line,  it can provide the most comfortable feeling to 26 bones and 33 joints, like bare foot. And it can reduce walking pressure of 23% and muscle fatigue of 31%, which minimizes stress on your feet.

The nesFIT Technology is a unique technology of TREKSTA that has made the closest shoes to barefoot, based on standard data gotten by scanning and analyzing the appearance of about 20,000 feet.

By using the technology soles that combined the car’s suspension technology to absorb external shocks of vibrations, SYNC can help to maintain optimized balance in all the way including asphalt road, gravel or rocky dirt road and the journey road, etc. The reason is that depending on the obstacles on the ground, some cushion sensors in shoe soles help to meet the balance between land and feet, by independently moving it up or down. As these reasons, it can alleviate the impact of the body, caused by irregular ground and provide stable walking by the balance with the ground.

Meanwhile, ‘The 12th Busan international Shoe show (BISS 2012)’ has a plan to provide business opportunities through business seminar, International cutting edge shoe competition, Shoe maker Network and others.

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(Photo: a visitor is enjoying virtual sport as wearing ‘SYNC’ shoe)