[BISS 2012 on-site] To prevention joint pain with ‘SRD Functional Shoe’

KWANG SUNG IND (CEO Byeong-heon Lee, www.srdkorea.com) participated in Busan international Shoe show (hereafter BISS 2012) from 25th to 27th October and showcased ‘SRD Functional Shoe’ preventing and relieving the pain of muscle and joint.

‘SRD Functional Shoe’ absorbs and spreads the shock very functionally. Also inside the out-sole has air circulation function and shock absorption function.

In addition, air pump system, inside the out-sole, gets rid of bad smell and suppresses breeding of germs by circulating air consistently. ‘SRD’ achieved certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001 and it was authorized  by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

It was awarded Grand Prize in New technology area at ‘International cutting edge shoe technology competition’ held by Busan International Smart shoe & Parts Fair.

Meanwhile, ‘The 12th Busan international Shoe show (BISS 2012)’ has a plan to provide business opportunities through business seminar, International cutting edge shoe competition, Shoe maker Network and others.

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