BIO KOREA 2021 to be held at COEX in Seoul June 9-11… Meet innovative technology in the biohealth industry!

-Online BIO KOREA to be held June 9-21 for non-face-to-face exhibition

Hosted by Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI, President Kwon Soon-man) and Chungcheongbuk-do (Governor Lee Si-jong) and sponsored by MOHW, BIO KOREA 2021 will be held from June 9 (Wed) to 11 (Fri) in COEX Seoul.

Also, to overcome the difficulties caused by the prolonged COVID-19, the event will also be held online from June 9 (Wed) to 21 (Mon) through the BIO KOREA website.

The global biohealth market is rapidly expanding due to the aging of the global population and increasing demand for health, and major advanced countries are supporting government-led investment expansion, institutional improvement, and various R&D innovations in order to dominate the global market.

Also, as the global effort to secure a vaccine is becoming an issue due to the spread of COVID-19, the ability to respond to infectious diseases by quarantine, securing competitiveness in vaccine development and production and partnering between countries are emerging as key factors to protect public health and stabilize economy in pandemic situation.

In BIO KOREA 2021, we will look at innovative changes in biohealth industry technology and directions to respond to the new normal era. Unlike last year’s BIO KOREA 2020, which was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event will be held in a hybrid format with conferences, exhibitions, business forums, investment fairs, and job fair programs simultaneously held online and offline.

At the conference, 230 Korean and foreign biohealth experts from 18 countries participated in the conference to present and discuss a variety of topics ranging from treatment technologies such as immuno-oncology, Alzheimer’s and vaccines to data convergence technologies such as digital treatments and AI, and industry information.

Especially in the digital treatment session, which is expanding its scope to treatment as a data convergence technology in the biohealth industry, the show will present current issues and approval review methods for digital treatments in Korea, and provide a place to discuss solutions for globalization.

Also, with the rapid development of vaccines and therapeutics after the COVID-19 pandemic, current technology trends and issues, as well as plans to respond to future infectious diseases on the development of safe and effective vaccines and securing production technology, the next-generation rapid diagnostic method, and domestic and overseas cases of step-by-step development COVID-19 treatment will be discussed.

Also, partnering and exhibitions, which have been a venue for active technology and business exchanges of biohealth companies, will be held simultaneously on and offline, expanding opportunities for participants to exchange.

In the exhibition, special exhibition halls are arranged by topics like innovative startup and digital health care, along with COVID-19 showroom in hybrid form. It is expected to give visitors a good view of the current state of innovation in the domestic biohealth field and efforts to overcome the national infectious disease crisis at a glance.

With business presentation that introduce the business and technology of the company, it supports the publicity activities of companies that are having difficulties in marketing and finding sales channels. Especially at this business presentation, global companies like Lonza, Merck, and Boehninger lngelheim will participate to introduce business cooperation models, participate in partnering, and have a chance to meet the technological exchange between domestic and foreign companies.

Also, Invest Fair and Job Fair will be held to create new food and discover business opportunities in the biohealth area.

At the Invest Fair, representatives from 20 companies, including CELLID, Bioneer, Lunit, and Biot Korea, will participate directly in 7 areas including COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, AI, and antibody platform to provide investors with information on the latest trends and companies to introduce their management strategy and vision.

In the job fair for fostering health industry professionals, 52 domestic companies will participate and hire about 250 new and experienced staff. Also, in addition to offline job fair, the online recruitment center and 1:1 job mentoring will help to solve the recent recruitment and job search problems, and the startup idea contest will be held for prospective CEOS with ideas in innovative DNA (Data, Network, AI).

KHIDI President Kwon Soon-man said, “Through the Bio Korea, which has grown together with the Korean biohealth industry for the past 16 years, a forum for innovative technology trade to exchange various ideas in the bi-health sector considered as the national future innovative growth engine in the post-COVID era is prepared. I hope that this can contribute to improving public health and the advancement of the national economy to a higher level.”

In BIO KOREA 2021 LIVE, Alex Sigrist will introduce the main products of participating companies in Korean and English. After the exhibition, the edited video content will be produced for each exhibitor and posted on the exhibition’s official YouTube channel, helping exhibitors to utilize it.

This real-time live will be held from June 9 (Wed) to 10 (Thu), and will be broadcast for two days from 11am to 5pm. Especially in this live broadcasting, Twinny’s autonomous robot TarGo was used to promote the show.

Also, pre-registered viewers of BIO KOREA 2021 LIVE will have the chance to participate in the live broadcast event. Various prizes such as Lon. G Cosmetic Set (2 persons), Gravity Posture Correcting Chair (3 persons), and Samsung Electronics JBL TUNE 115 (2 persons) will be given out for the participants. For more information, please visit the AVING News website.

In addition to these, various detailed programs will be held, and more details can be found on the BIO KOREA 2021 website. Persons who have not registered in advance can register on-site at COEX by going to the registration counter.

Hosted by KHIDI and Chungcheongbuk-do, the theme of BIO KOREA 2021 is “New Normal: Bio Innovation and Overcoming Limitations,” and it will provide an opportunity to check the direction and strategy for the health industry in Korea through conferences, exhibitions, and business forums. Also, it will be held both online and offline to provide a place to share the latest issues and cutting-edge technologies in the biohealth market with investors, bio-industry executives, and related researchers from around the world.

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