[BIO KOREA 2018] Kolmar BNH Co. showed off PHP packaging, which is easy to Ingest, and Health Functional Food

Kolmar BNH Co. participated in ‘BIO KOREA 2018’ that took place in COEX from May 9 to May 11, showcasing PHP packaging and health functional food.

Kolmar BNH Co. is a beauty and health care company in Kolmar, South Korea and introduced a variety of packaging and health function foods that utilise natural materials. It is manufactured with differentiated components through technical cooperation and has stable quality such as GMP and HACCP certification. Products that were introduced at the exhibition include supplements that reduce body fat, PHP packaging, and so on.

Supplements that reduce body fat are made up of various shapes and sizes, while inner beauty products are a stick-type jelly. A chlorella is made of ultra-small purified stick and powder, making it easy to consume a large amount. There are many types of PTP packaging, but for multiple functional products, the design is composed of multiple PTP to be mixed. Kolmar BNH Co. is currently exporting various products to 14 countries including the U.S., China, and Japan. An official said: “It is an opportunity to promote our brand and let consumers know our products.”

On the other hand, the 13th Bio Korea Fair this year has contributed to raising the status of Korea’s bio-healthcare industry through various programs promoting the world’s technology level in the Korean pharmaceutical and medical device industry and promoting international trade and exchange. In this year’s exhibition, we will be able to look at the status of new drug development by innovative pharmaceutical companies such as Daewoong Pharmaceutical, JW Choongwae Pharmaceutical, Chong Kun Dang, and Bioneer representing the domestic bio healthcare industry, and various information about healthcare start-up and technology transfer organization (TLO) can be obtained.