[BEST OF MIK CES 2018] LetinAR, a Solution to Help to Enjoy Augmented Reality without Dizziness



LetinAR Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jae-Hyuk), participated in ‘CES 2018(Consumer Technology Show)’, the world’s largest IT consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas, the U.S.A. for total of four days from Tues. 9th to Fri. 12th in Jan.(local time) and introduced augmented reality optical solution and smart glasses.

‘BEST OF MIK(MADE IN KOREA) CES TOP10’ selected only 10 companies among CES 2018 domestic exhibitors by global news network, Aving news and foreign news reporters from USA, China and other countries considering technological trend and growth potential of the companies. Each media will make a final evaluation during the CES exhibition and select the TOP3 for official announcement.

LetinAR has successfully developed solely ‘Pin mirror’ technology, which shows images of virtual objects clearly at close range, using a very small reflector. While other company’s augmented reality device was just for looking at virtual objects from a meter away, with LetinAR’s ‘Pin mirror’ lens, it is possible to see clearly and control virtual objects without dizziness at 25cm in front of the user’s eyes.


LetinAR has been developing optical lenses for augmented reality. LetinAR established in 2016, has solely developed a patented ‘Pin mirror’ for augmented reality and virtual reality optical systems and owned a global patent on the related original technology.

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On the other hand, CES, the largest IT exhibition in the world, is held every January as sponsored by the American Consumer Technology Association(CTA), an exhibition to be able to understand the trends of the tech and consumer electronics industry of the world at one sight.

Aving News, which has the most reported issues of CES, MWC, and IFA, the world’s top three tech exhibition for the last 11 years, dispatches special news reporters to CES this year as well, report major issues in the world market and introduces Korea’s major companies all over the world.