BEFINE, Launching of Multi-Language Keyboard Cover for MacBook

BEFINE (, manufacturer of accessories optimized for IT devices, has launched the MacBook keyboard cover for multiple languages.

The new keyboard cover by BEFINE is compatible with the newly launched MacBook Air during the ‘WWDC 2013’ and also other MacBooks in the market.  Different from the standard white silicon cover, other colors are available including blue, black, orange, pink and purple.

This product was designed for the non-English keyboard users, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and more.

Available in Basic and Design type for enhanced readability for the users, users can choose from the two types.  It is also waterproof and dust-proof due to its RoHS certified material used to produce the cover.

An English version blog,, was opened in preparation for the launching of the multi-language keyboard cover.  You can find all the information in the blog or you can contact for any questions regarding product/business.