[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] SUNMAK to present automobile vitamin called ‘AutoVita’

SUNMAK (CEO Sang-Wan Kim, www.autovita.co.kr) exhibits the vitamin for automobile called ‘AutoVita’ at Automotive Week 2012 dedicated for the aftermarket automotive products and held at KINTEX, Korea from March 23rd ~ 25th, 2012.

First introduced in this exhibition, this AutoVita is the composite product of organic and metallic chemicals that improves and enhances the combustibility of fuel such as gasoline, diesel and bunker C oil. When AutoVita is used, the fuel function is enhanced to yield increased engine power and the internal area of the engine cylinder is cleaned to extend the engine life. In addition, substantial decrease in fuel consumption and exhaust gas is resulted up to 7~20% by contributing to the complete combustion.

Passed the quality inspection of the Korea Institute of Petroleum Management which is the sole authority to test all automobile additives, AutoVita includes no harmful substance or content to the engine. In addition, it also cleans the internal parts and reduces the vibration and noise of the engine, allowing quiet and comfortable driving.

‘Automotive Week’ the exhibition which integrates ‘Auto service Korea’ the exhibition for automobile repair, maintenance and service and ‘The Tuning show’ the exhibition for tuning, upgrade and custom show after service products such as maintenance equipment, components, articles and there are various attractions like ‘Motor sports’, ‘Tuning sports’, ‘Tuning parts’, ‘Motor cycle’, ‘Car audio’ and 4WD.

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