[Automotive Week] WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, Introduced Effectiveness Maximized ‘Electricity Bus’


WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, has attended ‘2017 Automotive Week’ held in Exhibition Hall 1 and outdoor exhibition in KINTEX, Ilsan, that took place from Sep. 8th(Fri) to 10th(Sun) and introduced effectiveness maximized ‘Electricity Bus’.

The electric bus was born at the end of three years of research and is an eco-friendly vehicle as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and air pollutants compared to fossil fuel buses. In addition, the car structure is simple compared to the internal combustion engine, maintenance is easy, the body part is made of aluminum, and it is not corroded even if it is used for more than 10 years.


It is low floor bus that considered the people with disabilities, and the indoor structure is made focused on the convenience of the passenger. In addition, the electricity bus of WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS allows 220km drive with 1 charge(when cruising speed), and it taked 50 minutes for 1 time charge. WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS also produces battery charger so that the user can efficiently use this. This bus will be released and performed as No.1, in this coming October at Seoul Science Center.

Lee Sang-Hyun, the director of WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS said, “I think e-co friendly vehicle contributes in making good environment” and added, “To make the people to live in a good environment to live, WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS will go forward and lead”.


Meanwhile, ‘2017 Automotive’ is jointly hosted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the organizing committee of Automotive Week, and is held by KINTEX, Korea Automobile Inspection Maintenance Association, Korea Association of Auto Technicians, Korea Automobile Specialized Maintenance Association, Korea Automobile Tuning & Multipurpose Organization, and Korea Automobile Racing Association. ‘2017 Automotive Week’ that celebrates its 11th, is synthesis automotive exhibition that can see 6 types of exhibitions in one sight with the motto of, ‘From the first car to scrapping your car, all about car in one sight’, aims the activation of automotive aftermarket and tuning industry. In addition, 1,200 booths and 250 companies are participating in this year.