[Automotive Week] Used Car Diect Sales Servie “Ggulcar”

Ggulcar(www.ggulcar.com) introduced its used car direct sales service “Ggulcar” at Automotive Week, held at KINTEX.

Ggulcar was made to reduce the margin that goes the salesmen and give savings to the users. It provides a special service in price, maintenance, warranty, management, and transaction method. It removed the fee for maintenance and warranty, making it 10% cheaper than the conventional ways.

Used cars here go through 182 maintenance items, and they have to be less than six years old and 100,000km in mileage. They also get checked for past accidents and replacement of parts to guarantee the quality. For every car sold, the company warranties engine and mission for up to 5,000km or three-months.

All this service can be done by the internet, and paper work is made simple with this service. It was launched in March and started service in June.

Automotive Week is the trade show created for the car industry equipped with the fields of car maintenance and repair, tuning and customization, camping cars and caravans, and auto parts, maximizing the interest and marketing synergy for auto part and aftermarket industries.

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