[Automotive Week] Shin Hyeong INT’s Smartphone Holder “Xenomix”

Shin Hyeong INT(www.xenomix.co.kr) introduced its “Xenomix” smartphone holders at Automotive Week, held at KINTEX.

Shin Hyeong INT is a MIK company that makes smartphone holders for cars. It carries over 80 models.

It launched the brand “Xenomix”, and registered many patents, utility model, and design rights. Xenomix Oturn(SHG-OH2000) is a smartphone holder that can be held up by inserting the back to the ventilation holes or CD slots. It can be turned around 360 degrees, not blocking the sight of the driver, and can be used on just about any smartphones.

Xenomix can be repaired for free for one year after purchase, and is being sold in online markets and super marts. It is also being exported to the US and Japan.

Automotive Week is the trade show created for the car industry equipped with the fields of car maintenance and repair, tuning and customization, camping cars and caravans, and auto parts, maximizing the interest and marketing synergy for auto part and aftermarket industries.

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