[Automotive Week] JungJin Hi-Tech, Introduced ‘Gold Paint System’ that Enables Manual Maintenance


JungJin Hi-Tech, has attended ‘2017 Automotive Week’ held in Exhibition Hall 1 and outdoor exhibition in KINTEX, Ilsan, that took place from Sep. 8th(Fri) to 10th(Sun) and introduced ‘Gold Paint System’ that enables manual maintenance.

JungJin Hi-Tech has attended the event with companies such as, Max, Shinwoo E&Tech, and JasTech. JungJin Hi-Tech introduced sanding, Max introduced measurer, Shinwoo E&Tech, introduced body liner, and JasTech introduced both type spot welder.


Instead of emphasizing the brands and products of each company, they showed the importance of promoting other companies as well. The official of the company said, “Next year we will introduce a variety of more competitive equipment.” In addition, “Many companies now focus on ‘manual maintenance’ that the government is paying attention to” and added, “We need the right equipment for manual maintenance”.

Meanwhile, ‘2017 Automotive’ is jointly hosted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the organizing committee of Automotive Week, and is held by KINTEX, Korea Automobile Inspection Maintenance Association, Korea Association of Auto Technicians, Korea Automobile Specialized Maintenance Association, Korea Automobile Tuning & Multipurpose Organization, and Korea Automobile Racing Association. ‘2017 Automotive Week’ that celebrates its 11th, is synthesis automotive exhibition that can see 6 types of exhibitions in one sight with the motto of, ‘From the first car to scrapping your car, all about car in one sight’, aims the activation of automotive aftermarket and tuning industry. In addition, 1,200 booths and 250 companies are participating in this year.

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