[Automotive Week] Inhwa IOM’s Efficient and Economical Winch for Cars “Runva”

Inhwa IOM(www.inhwa.net) introduced its winch for car “Runva” at Automotive Week, held at KINTEX.

Runva was designed in Korea and made in China, and it has higher efficiency with the break installed outside. It is cheaper than other winches that are made in other countries.

The product displayed at the show is “RKEB-13000F,” soon to be officially released. With it superior performance and price, it is going soon to be exported with the help of affiliated companies.

Inhwa IOM also introduced its crane for cars. It is used for moving heavy objects and loading and unloading the objects from cars. It supports manual and auto modes, and can lift up to 600kg. It is currently supplying this machine to Nonghyup and is also being exported to China.

Automotive Week is the trade show created for the car industry equipped with the fields of car maintenance and repair, tuning and customization, camping cars and caravans, and auto parts, maximizing the interest and marketing synergy for auto part and aftermarket industries.

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