[Automotive Week] Daum Energy’s Car Engine Cleaner “Hygen Carbon Cleaner”


Daum Energy(www.daumenergy.com) introduced its car engine carbon cleaner “Hygen Carbon Cleaner” at Automotive Week, held at KINTEX.

It uses distilled water to remove carbon in the car engine. The hydrogen and oxygen acquired by the electrolysis of water is injected to the engine cylinder to remove carbon.

It is an inexpensive and quick alternative of manual cleaning of the engine with a definite engine cleaning effect. Since it uses the battery from the car as the power source, there is no need for extra electricity, and it does not damage the cylinders.

By removing carbon from the engine, noise and vibration decrease, and the combustion process is normalized, elongating the life of the engine. It also increases the output of the engine, and decreases gas emission. A staff from Daum Energy said, “Besides selling the equipment, we also provide the engine-cleaning service at an affordable price.”

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