[Automotive Week] Carpos’ Car Mechanic Management Program “Car Mining”


Carpos(www.carpos.com) introduced its car mechanic total management program “Car Mining” at Automotive Week, held at KINTEX.

Car Mining is the a multi-service program that provides all the information like car maintenance, repair cost, and schedule for next check-up to the users by tablet PCs. It helps the car shops to improve the relationship with the users, thus increasing sales.

It sends the car owners the status of the replacement or repair of parts with pictures. The level of information the car owners is higher, with the comparison of before and after the repair, the cause of malfunction, the outcome when not fixed, and the estimated cost of the service. The comprehensive information in Car Mining is expected to help build trust between the car shop owners and car owners.

Automotive Week is the trade show created for the car industry equipped with the fields of car maintenance and repair, tuning and customization, camping cars and caravans, and auto parts, maximizing the interest and marketing synergy for auto part and aftermarket industries.

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