Asia Global ‘2021 IDEA KOREA’ Fitness Convention … Creating a festival for fitness people!

The largest global fitness international convention IDEA® KOREA 2021 in Asia (hereafter, IDEA Korea) will be held from November 26 to 28 at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2 in Ilsan.

Due to COVID-19 and prolonged social distancing, the physical education, sports, and fitness industries are experiencing many difficulties, but they are facing a new turning point with the recent transition to ‘Living with COVID’ strategy. In particular, IDEA Korea is the first official event to light up the passage, therefore, it has a greater meaning.

In addition, it is the first time that the IDEA Health & Fitness event is held in Korea, and it is attracting a lot of anticipation and interest from domestic fitness people. This event will be held for three days with lectures and workshops by experts in various fields such as Pilates, yoga, rehabilitation, fitness marketing, personal training, GX and more, and also becoming a place for knowledge and exchange of fitness people.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association has headquarters in San Diego, USA. In addition, with a history and tradition of 39 years, it is the world’s most recognized fitness education and convention organization. The headquarters holds the event every year, and about 40 international companies from the US, Canada, UK, Germany and other participate.

2021 IDEA Korea, which will be held this year, will be the largest scale in Asia, and large number of Korean fitness companies will also participate. Power Plate ATZ will present equipment using vibration, Barrel Co., Ltd. will present premium fitness wear, and Care Pilates will also introduce new Pilates equipment.

As it is the festival where fitness people gather for the first time in two years, 2021 IDEA Korea will also hold a fitness awards for the fitness industry to nurture experts and trainers.

Clockwise from top left) Movement Michelle Lee, Care Pilates Kyungwon Jang, Premed Hakju Lee, Moon Jisuk Pilates Jisuk Moon

The first winners of the ‘2021 Fitness Awards’ were Care Pilates Kyungwon Jang (Fitness Leader Award), Premed Hakju Lee (Fitness Innovator Award), Movement Michelle Lee (Fitness Educator Award), and Moon Jisuk Pilates Jisuk Moon (Fitness Trainer Award).

In addition, the IDEA World Presenter Team is the best fitness expert recognized in each field in the world, 11 overseas presenters and 50 Korean representatives, will present 150 lectures on fitness trends and new programs.

This event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Convention Bureau, and KINTEX. In addition, at the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hee Hwang will deliver a congratulatory speech, and Vice President of the US headquarters Amy and president of IDEA KOREA Eunyoung Jeon will give opening speech and welcoming speech.

Eunyoung Jeon, president of IDEA® KOREA, said, “I hope that the high-quality fitness convention event will serve as an opportunity for the Korean fitness culture to develop and coexist. We will strive to operate public content and programs that anyone can easily understand in accordance with the COVID era.”

This event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Convention Bureau, and KINTEX, and the other main sponsors are Power Plate ATZ, Care Pilates, Skullpig, Balanced body, Stott Pilates, Fini Sports, InBody, Moksha, RumbleRoller, Fit Step, The Pilates, Reyoom Pilates, Bodynox Garuda, Hamkke Movement, Naumcare, With Korea, Avocado, Ace Body, Some & Company, Baleine Pilates, Glight International and more.

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Image courtesy of IDEA® KOREA
Image courtesy of IDEA® KOREA