Argo to introduce AR photo kiosk SnapAction at Try Everything 2021!

Courtesy of Argo

Argo (CEO Yoo Myung-jin) will participate in Try Everything 2021 held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul and Haneul Theater of the National Theater of Korea from Sep. 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri).

Argo is a 3D augmented reality (AR) experience and digital media content development solution startup. It developed an AR video program based on body tracking to implement augmented reality content. With AR Camera Tech, the company is providing augmented reality services as an AR integrated development platform using a facial detection module.

The company developed interactive AR contents that incorporate entertainment technology elements such as animation and avatars, and completed AR camera and AR sticker technology by focusing on augmented reality hardware system, face analysis and detection, and instant scanning. It also creates a 3D animated avatar that is more interesting and fun to access through a single selfie and instant messaging and social networking, providing a visual and sensory experience environment through customer interactions combined with a variety of sensory effects.

Currently, the company has a franchise business with the unmanned augmented reality photo studio “” in Korea.

Courtesy of Argo

Argo’s new AR photo kiosk SnapAction to be showcased at this exhibition applies AR content to the background of the photo and allows users to choose the background of the desired place to take a photo. It is a self-entertainment system that can create the effect of taking pictures with celebrities and star players. It is a unique system that prints photos on a plastic card instead of paper that is resistant to water or pollution, and does not change permanently.

In this system, a video is used in which the user experiences the characters in the content and virtual reality together, and the background and image of the augmented reality over the user’s appearance and the image of the AR filter user are tracked and moved along with the user’s face by recognizing his/her face. Then, it is implemented exactly above it. Also, in response to the user’s action, a special event is implemented when a predetermined action is performed. It is an AR interactive experience technology that allows the users to experience augmented reality content experiences that combine body tracking and motion recognition for a set period of time by subjects.

Argo has developed a video augmented reality experience program based on body tracking and recognition, and is expanding its business area through online and offline services. Photo booth SnapAction with augmented reality is exported not only to Korea but also to seven countries around the world.

Courtesy of Argo

From August 20 to September 25, a photo kiosk with augmented reality is installed at Glories Shopping Center in Barcelona. A staff from Argo said, “We have been selected as a promising company in the government-supported export promotion program, and we have launched a photo kiosk at the Glories Shopping Center.”

Especially in Europe, through steady contact with professional sports clubs, we provide the service which the fans can choose their favorite players and take pictures with them. Argo took the first step into Barcelona with Fix & Pop, an integrated kiosk that is spotlighted as a rental service for events such as birthdays and weddings, and SnapAction, a kiosk snap action for AR content experience. It can be used for free every Friday and Saturday at Glories Shopping Center.

The company staff said, “For eight days from September 18, CEO Yoo Myung-jin and his party will visit Barcelona, and they are expected to have business meetings with interested companies.”

Try Everything 2021 is hosted and organized by Seoul Metropolitan City, MK Media Group, and Seoul Startup Hub, It is a global startup festival where promising startups, investors and accelerators from around the world gather together.

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