Albicchiere, showcases the new Albi Pro at CES 2022

Las Vegas. January 5th, 2022 Albicchiere, the Italian startup revolutionizing the world of wine showcases the new Albi Pro at CES 2022, Las Vegas.

Albi Pro: the rst Smart Wine Dispenser for wine professionals

The new product created by Albicchiere is designed for any business owner who wants to delight their guests with the perfect glass of wine.

As wine consumption pushes towards single serve options, Albicchiere allows businesses and consumers alike to sample any selection from their inventory at any time, always at ideal conditions. By serving wine by the glass, any business can meet the rising demand and increase their margins by 8x compared to a traditional bottle which only gives you a 2.5x margin on average.

Diego Pepini, CTO of Albicchiere: “Albi Pro adds to the offer of Albi dispensers to meet the needs of busy executives who want to exploit the potential seen in Albi Home M+ in the workplace. This version was specially designed to operate non-stop and resist the stress that occurs in the workplace. We’ve created this product following the feedback and the guidance given by our first supporters who own or work in wineries, restaurants, and bars.”

Andrea Pellegrini, an Italian restaurant owner: “I was one of the first alpha testers of Albi Home M+, and I fell in love with it. With Albi Pro, I can finally use a dispenser in my restaurant and serve my customers perfect glasses of wine. Now, my wine list by the glass is unfortunately short due to the waste I would face at the end of the day, with Albi Pro I will finally be able to offer much more choice to my customers, increasing sales and profits. Sincerely, can’t wait!“

The perfect glass of wine, from the rst to the last glass

Albicchiere’s solution focuses on delivering wine lovers with the perfect wine tasting experience. It automatically recognizes the wine inserted and brings it to its ideal pouring temperature, be it 4°C or 20°C

The largest waste of wine to date occurs in restaurants and homes due to wine’s rapid oxidation process. The only way to prevent wine oxidation is through flexible packaging that always adapts to the content.

Albicchiere solves the wine wastage problem using its patented preservation system that avoids contact between wine and oxygen. It preserves the leftover wine and keeps it fresh for up to 6 months after first opening, that’s eight times longer than any other system on the market.

Independent units

Albi Pro comes with sets of 2 up to 8 autonomous dispensers in a metal frame, where each machine operates independently.

The frame design lets you easily switch wines or dispensers with no workload downtime, which means that you can replace one machine while keeping the remaining ones running.

The new Albi Pro dispensers also come with hardware and software upgrades for higher performance to keep flawless working conditions in more demanding wine service scenarios.

All dispensers are featured with remote management control and individual cooling systems so that you can have a set of different wines kept at their corresponding recommended chilling temperature.

Remarkably easy to use, pour and enjoy your wine

As a plug-and-play solution, there is no need for technical assistance, or specialized personnel during the first installation. It is ready to use upon delivery. It doesn’t need cumbersome cleaning processes when you switch between wines, and there are no additional costs for wine service since it doesn’t use any gas refills.

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* Special Reporting Group: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, Kidai KIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim

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