AIRBLISS+, ‘CES 2022’ Participation… unveils first smart respirator that prevents accidents

Embedded sensor, cloud-based alerts and Machine Learning capability enable fall & fatigue detection.

Fatigue at work costs US companies more than $130 billion a year in lost productivity and healthcare costs. The moment workers need a mask, the fatigue symptoms become even worse and the risk of industrial accidents is even greater. That’s why AirBliss+ is introducing at CES 2022 a smart respirator that detects and warns when the user is tired. It also protects workers from biological pathogens, harmful particles from wildfires and ongoing air pollution.

GIBLI is a half-mask Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) with embedded electronics and software aimed at preventing incidents to improve the safety of the user. This compact device includes a fan, the power, the filtration set, and the embarked electronics.

This allows GIBLI to capture all movement of the head and breathing patterns to feed the Fall & Fatigue detection smart feature. In addition it delivers a comfortable breathing experience with a lightweight (below 200 grams) respirator assisted by a patented custom fan to help the wearer inhale through the premium quality particulate and gas filters.

How GIBLI works

Users pair GIBLI to their smartphone just after placing the respirator on their face. When tired, people have specific head posture and movements as well as a clear change in their breathing rate. Both are real-time measured helping detect event-based and continuous fatigue symptoms.

Thus, the embedded software assigns the appropriate level of fatigue and alerts the user by indicating the safest action to take through the linked app. The system learns from the behavior and patterns of the user for future better predictions. This solution helps every person to know when to take a break to prevent incidents when active in a polluted area or working in harsh environment. It evolves with use and fine tunes its parameters to suit the individual user better.

GIBLI detects when the user falls and sends alerts for a quick help. The end result: helping to breathe safely in polluted areas and high dust & smoke environments and alerting when the level of fatigue is potentially harmful, reduces the risk of severe incidents and loss of productivity.

Adel Arigue, CEO of AirBliss+: “A global survey of above seven million respondents cites discomfort as the main cause why some choose not to wear a mask in public, with many complaining of breathlessness, sweating, nausea, and increased hearth rate when wearing a mask. Fatigue due to a not so comfortable and heavy load often leads to serious accidents. The GIBLI prevents human lives from being endangered and ensures that the well-being of employees is optimal in sometimes difficult circumstances.

For the first generation of respirators and the new GIBLI, come to CES 2022 on booth Sands G, Eureka Park – NL Pavilion #61928. The first generation respirator, Maasc, is available in Europe for €149 and $149 in the United States.

GIBLI by AirBliss+ is a smart Respiratory Protective Equipment integrating new technology which enhances safety by preventing potential severe accidents. Founded in 2018, AirBliss+ is a High-Tech PPE start-up located in the High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands cited as Europe’s smartest square kilometer, has a granted patent and is undergoing the PPE certification process.

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* Special Reporting Group: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, Kidai KIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim

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