AI FOR PET Introduces AI Total Healthcare App for Pets ‘TTcare’ at CES 2022

AI FOR PET (CEO Eun-ah Heo) participated in CES 2022 held in Las Vegas from January 5th to 7th and introduced the “TTcare” app.

Based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the fourth industry, AI FOR PET offers “TTcare”, an application registered as a “medical image diagnosis assistance software” making it the first animal medical device in Korea.In order to solve the difficulties of pet health care which can be the most difficult part as a pet owner, “TTcare” was developed using AI technology.

AI FOR PET’s booth at CES 2022 │ Photo – AVING NEWS

When photos of pets’ eyes or skin are taken with a smartphone, TTcare checks for disease symptoms in related areas using AI that has learned more than 500,000 pieces of data. With this technology, pet owners can detect diseases early and prevent them from becoming worse without veterinary expertise. In addition, health, obesity, customization, and behavioral care functions provide customized health care methods for each life cycle according to the breed, age, and health status of pets.

Until now, pet-related app services have focused on community and shopping, but TTcare’s main function is pet health care. TTcare is the world’s first mobile application to analyze eye and skin disease symptoms in animals by taking photos with smartphones.The company is currently applying for patents for this technology and business model. In recognition of their technological prowess, the company has been registered as medical imaging aids for animal medical devices and it has also won the CES Innovation Award.

AI Total Healthcare App for Pets ‘TTcare’ │ Photo – AI FOR PET

An AI FOR PET official said, “Before TTcare enters overseas, we participated in CES to introduce our services and establish overseas partnerships. Even before the launch of the service, since pets and pet owners can be found everywhere in the world, the goal was to create a world where pets around the world live a healthy and happy life with their owners for a long time.”

“We received the attention from various pet-related companies and officials through this exhibition and took the first step toward meeting pets around the world,” the official said. “In the future, we are considering services to monitor bio-signals such as activity, heart rate, and respiratory rate using wearable devices.In addition, as an extension of the analyzing functions such as eyes and skin currently being serviced, we are considering expert counseling services based on the results.”, they explained.

In addition, they said, “We aim to expand disease diagnosis services such as services for cats and joint diagnosis, and expand services to the world, including Europe and Japan, starting with entry into the U.S. in the first half of this year.”

Photo – AI FOR PET

Meanwhile, TTcare service is based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In artificial intelligence learning, it is important to accumulate large amounts of data and various data.In addition to the data collected by itself, AI FOR PET was able to improve the performance of existing AI models by utilizing open AI learning data through AI-Hub built by Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Information Society Agency.

Specifically, in the case of determining the presence or absence of symptoms in the eye examination of dogs, they increased the accuracy from 92% to 94%, and in the case of corneal opacity symptoms, the accuracy was increased from 95% to 99%.Also, in the case of corneal damage, only the presence or absence of symptoms could be determined, but now the severity of symptoms could be determined with 90% accuracy using AI-HUB data.

Furthermore, in the past, it was difficult to determine the cat’s eye symptoms due to lack of data but based on the data provided by AI-HUB, it became possible to determine the cat’s eye symptoms such as corneal bone fragments and corneal ulcers.

Hak-jae Lim, Deputy Director of AI FOR PET explaining TTcare │Photo – AVING NEWS

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* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, KidaiKIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim, James Lee

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